Bremer Bistro Quiche

My family likes quiche, and I often make it homemade. When Aldi sold frozen Bremer Bistro quiche in two flavors as Special Buys (ALDI Finds), I had to give them both a try.

The quiche comes in either a Savory Lorraine flavor with Monterey jack cheese and bacon or a Spinach Florentine flavor with Swiss cheese and spinach. Both quiche flavors are packaged in boxes that contain two mini quiches, with each mini quiche being a single serving ranging between 450 and 470 calories, with 260-270 calories from fat. So one box serves two people.

Regardless of the flavor you choose, the quiche can be prepared in the oven (for a flakier crust) or in the microwave (for a softer crust).

To bake, preheat oven to 400 degrees. Remove the quiche from the box and plastic package. Do not heat the quiche in the plastic tray it comes in. Place quiche on a baking sheet and place on center rack of oven. Heat for 21 to 23 minutes or until an internal temperature of 165 degrees is reached.

To microwave, remove the quiche from the box, plastic wrap, and plastic tray. Place quiche on a microwave-safe plate line with a paper towel. Heat on high for 3 to 3 1/2 minutes.

Bremer Bistro Savory Lorraine Quiche

Bremer Bistro Quiche

This quiche has mild Monterey jack cheese and savory bacon. I could taste small bits of bacon throughout the quiche. The top of the quiche was a darker brown than what is shown on the box picture, but the quiche was moist and had good flavor, with a nice flaky crust.

Bremer Bistro Spinach Florentine Quiche

Bremer Bistro Quiche

This quiche features tangy Swiss cheese and tender spinach. This quiche has good flavor. Like the other variety, it is a slightly darker brown on top than what the picture shows, but it wasn’t burned or over baked. See photo below:

Bremer Bistro quiche

The Verdict:

Homemade quiche is probably superior, but Aldi’s frozen Bremer Bistro Savory Lorraine Quiche and Spinach Florentine Quiche aren’t bad if you want a meal that is quick and easy. The single serving sizes are convenient, and the fillings are tasty while the crust is flaky.

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  1. I love this, but I’m very frustrated by a perhaps two week window two or three times a year to buy it. If I had a decent freezer it wouldn’t matter as much; I would just buy a case of the bacon version to last me a while. I tried checking out the regular grocery chains in my area, but none of them carry quiche. I even had to explain what quiche was to one store clerk. I am aware that some of Aldi’s products are produced by large familiar companies, and packaged under other names for Aldi. Is this one of them? How can I contact Bremer to ask if any other stores carry this quiche (maybe Trader Joe’s?) And while we’re at it, I’ve got the same question about that wonderful California-roll Sushi

  2. Im trying to find more too i bought all they had from 2 storeplease carry year round.i had to explain what they were too
    Obviously there is a year round market for them theybare tasty and fast to prepare!!!!

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