Sponsored Post Guidelines

Guidelines effective July 29, 2019.

Aldi Reviewer is, first and foremost, about sharing our writers’ thoughts on Aldi products with the world. We work hard every day to build trust and community with our readers, both through giving our best, independent take on Aldi products and by giving readers a chance to respond to what we write, including through comments. Because we take our relationship with our readers seriously, we are protective of the type of content we publish on our platform.

We do accept sponsored posts. However, we are particular about what kinds of sponsored posts we accept. As a rule, we only accept sponsored posts which fit the vision and purpose of our website. We suggest that anyone interested in a sponsored post take a few minutes to look around our site and familiarize themselves with our goals, post focus, and post structure.

In general, we look for the following in evaluating sponsored post inquiries:

  • Evidence of due diligence. We do not usually consider or respond to sponsored post inquiries that show no evidence of having spent time looking at our site. If you send us an inquiry that could have been sent to virtually any other site, or it looks like it comes from a bot, there’s a very good chance we’ll delete it.
  • A subject that aligns with our readership. We cover Aldi products, as well as a few Trader Joe’s products. While that means we write across a wide swath of subjects — from consumer electronics to milk — everything always comes back to Aldi or Trader Joe’s. We can appreciate the value of a how-to guide on credit cards, but if we believe it is going to harm our relationship with our readers, we won’t publish it.
  • Content that points back to our focus. Straight to the point: if Aldi and Trader Joe’s products don’t have a meaningful, organic place in your post, it’s probably not the best fit for our site. We realize that’s a very specific requirement, but given 1) how strongly we care about our site and 2) how broad a range of products Aldi and Trader Joe’s sell, we see this as a crucial core value. In addition, this approach gives your post a much better chance of being seen, as we rank high for search in those areas.
  • Solid prose. We would rather direct our energies toward writing our own content rather than rewriting someone else’s. If we believe a prospective sponsored writer is going to create editorial headaches for us, we’re not going to spend the time on it.

As for other issues, like whether we require nofollow links or what we charge per post? Those issues depend entirely on each individual circumstance. If we feel like a sponsored post inquiry is worth considering, we’re happy to talk those topics.

If you’re interested in sponsoring with us, feel free to contact us.

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