Community Guidelines

Part of our vision for this site is to provide a place where readers can interact as part of the larger Aldi shopping community. We do so through setting up a comments section on each and every post. While we offer our own insights in our posts, we know we’re not the last word on a subject: others may have their own perspectives — similar or different to ours — as well as additional insights based on their own expertise.

There are two important things to understand about our comments sections.

One, we may or may not respond to questions in the comments. While we do sometimes respond, it is at our discretion. That said, we often find that other readers may be helpful. You can also try contacting Aldi directly.

Two, we reserve the right to moderate comments. How we moderate depends on the circumstance. More on this below.

Ground Rules for Comments

We encourage discussion in our comments section, even if that discussion involves a disagreement with our review. (We are the first to admit that we could be wrong or that others may have different opinions, tastes, and priorities than we do.) We also encourage questions, insights, and any other thoughts you might have about Aldi and Aldi products.

However, we do hold to certain values when it comes to our comments section. To that end, we ask that commenters keep things polite, clean, and on-topic. We reserve the right to moderate comments that we believe …

  • are uncivil, including personal attacks, insults, crude or vulgar references, threats, or excessive use of language
  • engage in spam or self-promotion
  • make buy or sell offers to other commenters
  • contain potentially false, misleading, or unverifiable claims
  • are off-topic to the post, including (but not limited to) engaging in political or religious debates
  • are confused, including mistaking this site as being run by Aldi

How we respond to individual comments will depend on the situation.

If you have any questions about our community guidelines, feel free to contact us.

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