Can You Buy Stock in Aldi?

Can you buy stock in Aldi?

Aldi is the fastest-growing grocer in the United States. The Germany-based company is adding thousands of new stores on top of a multi-billion dollar expansion of existing stores, and it is expected to be the third-largest grocery chain in the United States. This doesn’t even include the company’s growth into…

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Who Owns Aldi?

As Aldi has expanded aggressively throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States, there has been a lot more interest online about the company itself. Who, exactly, is “Aldi?” And who owns the stores that bear that name? We’ll do our best to explain. Aldi is Two Companies The first thing…

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Super Bowl Party, Aldi Style

Aldi Super Bowl

Not long after the dust settles on the winter holiday season, the NFL playoffs begin, starting with the wild card round in early January. Each weekend sees teams move on while others go home, until at last there are but two teams remaining, one each from the NFC and AFC.…

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