Aldi Opening 2 Stores in China

Aldi China

Aldi, which has operated an online store in China since 2017, will be opening two physical stores in Shanghai, China, on June 7th, according to RetailDetail. RetailDetail reports that this is the beginning of a large expansion project and an effort to attract China’s growing middle class population. Specialist website…

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Lidl to Open 25 New Stores in the U.S.


Aldi’s arch rival, the German discount grocery store chain Lidl, announced Friday that it will open 25 new stores in the United States by the spring of 2020. The new stores will be in East coast states, including Maryland, New York, Pennslyvania, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The new stores…

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Aldi Stores in Germany Raise Prices

Aldi International News Roundup

Aldi is known for its reliably low grocery prices. In the United States, its store-brand Regular Buy products have fairly fixed prices, occasionally getting discounted by 10 to 20 cents but otherwise not changing much. That is changing in Aldi stores in Germany. German-based Aldi will raise prices on some…

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