What Is An Open Thread?

Our goal at Aldi Reviewer is to be the most comprehensive source of information about Aldi and Aldi-related products on the internet. We try to accomplish that through our news stories, features, and — as our name suggests — product reviews.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the time or resources to review every item that Aldi sells. As an independent site — we are not compensated by or affiliated with Aldi — we pay out of pocket for every Aldi product we review on this site. That forces us to be selective.

At the same time, we think it’s important to have a presence even on products that we don’t buy and personally review. This is especially true of the big-ticket items that people are bound to have questions about. Some of those big items have virtually no presence at all on the internet. The very reason we started Aldi Reviewer is because we couldn’t find information on products we were thinking about buying, and it is unfortunate that the items people have the most questions about are the least likely to be online because of the cost to buy and review them.

That’s where open threads come in. An open thread is a rundown of what we know about a product based on what we’ve learned in the past or what Aldi has released on its website. Our hope is that we can at least create a small community where shoppers can talk about what they liked and didn’t like about the product.

As time and budgets allow, we may yet review those products in the future. In the meantime, though, if you do visit an open thread and you have experience with or questions about a product, feel free to chime in. (Just be mindful of our Community Guidelines.)

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