iTECH Fitness Watch

There’s something about Aldi activity trackers that brings out the curiosity in people. The Crane Wireless Activity Tracker, which has been sold in a few different forms over the years, is one of our most popular single-item posts of all time. Likewise, we’ve seen a lot of interest in the iTECH Fitness Watch, another fitness device from Aldi that does a lot of the same things. When you consider how expensive Fitbits and other more well-known fitness trackers can be, this isn’t much of a surprise.

iTECH Fitness Watch

The iTECH Fitness Watch, which retailed at the time of this post at Aldi for $24.99, appears to be a slight rebranding of a product called the iFitness Activity Tracker, which is sold at some big box stores. The iFitness tracker uses a different app from the iTECH fitness watch, although the two look to function almost identically, as you can see here (iFitness) and here (iTECH).

The iTECH Fitness Watch features include:

  • OLED digital display
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Android and iOS (Apple) apps
  • A display that can show a clock, alarm, calories burned, distance tracker, pedometer, sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, camera remote, lost alert, a fine phone alarm, and phone notifications for texts
  • Two soft silicone bands with buckle closure in each pack
  • Men’s and Ladies sizes and colors

There are some features we don’t see on the watch. For one, there is no indication with either the iTECH or the iFitness on water resistance, so we have to assume that this isn’t something to go swimming or showering with. Two, it doesn’t say anything about heart rate or the ability to customize step size, so you can probably assume those features are out.

In our experience, one of the most important parts of any fitness tracker is its app, since a lot of the functionality is dependent on the app. The Android and iPhone apps are relatively new, so at the time of this post we don’t have a lot of feedback on them. However, we do know more about the iFitness apps made by the same company. A look at those apps (here and here) shows a 3.0 average out of 5.0 on Google Play and a 3.7 out of 5.0 on the Apple App store. Those are not terrific scores, although they are better than the terrible reviews of Aldi’s Crane Wireless Activity Tracker app, so the iTECH may be a better bet than the Crane.

As for the watch itself? There isn’t a lot online on that one, although what we could find on the iTECH’s counterpart, the iFitness, is mixed. The biggest complaint is the band staying on. We’re not sure if this problem persists with the iTECH.

The Verdict:

There are a lot of unknowns at this point with the iTECH Fitness Watch, although for the budget price of $29.99, it may be worth the risk for some people. The apps, at least, appear to be better than the ones for the other fitness tracker Aldi sells. We’d be very interested to hear feedback from users in the comments.

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  1. so, how do I recharge the crane fitness tracker….or don’t !

  2. Just purchased this tracker. Not sure how accurate it is. I don’t have a super sedentary job, however, the tracker says I have walked 6600 steps already today. Seems a little high…..

    • One thing you might try: if the tracker is on your dominant hand, try putting it on your off-hand. Sometimes things like writing or even eating can fool the tracker into thinking you’re walking. I have a Garmin and it does that, so I’ve got it on my off-hand, which has helped make it more accurate.

  3. Just purchased the iTech activity tracker and there are NO instructions for charging it. Any advice? (There is a USB cable with a clip that has 3 little metal indents where I would think the actual tracker connects but it is awkward)

  4. Yeah the charging is weird. My battery keeps blinking on the display of the watch. Does that mean it still needs to be charged? It doesn’t say how long to charge either.

  5. I have the app(maybe wrong one) but it is paired up. I bought it yesterday and wore it and it shows the steps on the watch but didn’t show anything on my app? Didn’t track sleep or any info at all on my app. Am I supposed to do something for that or how does this work? I’ve went into settings and tried to get into everything. The instructions really don’t help and I can’t find anything online about it. Thanks!

    • You have to sync the app with your phone over Bluetooth. Has the prompt come up for you when you opened the app?

      • yes. I first charged the watch – charger cable was included. Then I downloaded the app and just followed instructions. The sync came up. You need to allow it to use Bluetooth. The watch now displays that I have notifications on my phone.

  6. I find that you have to leave the display in the band in order for the charging clip to really grip the correct way and charge the battery. I let it charge overnight and it’s held a full charge since so far, and will apparently remain charged for ~5 days. The included manual is pretty bad and doesn’t explain a lot of basics, including charging and that flicking your wrist will turn on the watch.

    App is decent; said I got 9.4 hours of sleep and broke it into deep, light and wakeful portions with a nice graph to represent the sleep cycles visually.

    • So do you leave the display in the band to charge it? And clip the whole piece on to it and line up the pins to the holes to charge? mine doesn’t seem to be doing anything but it was completely dead when I bought it so I might have to wait a while. What a terrible design. It seems to keep slipping out of the holes. But for $25 I thought I’d give it a try since I’ve never owned a fitness tracker before. We’ll see. Rough start.

      • Yep, leave it inside the band. I had the same issue as you did before, thinking I had to remove the unit from the band, and then only 2/3 of the prongs were making a good connection. It’s a really weird design and I wish they just used a microUSB connection instead.

    • Mine did not record my sleep. Do I need to do something to the watch or app before bedtime?

      • I was able to see my sleep tracking by going into the IOS app, swiping from the Activity page to the Sleep page and then touching the big circle. After that it did a sync with the wrist unit. It seems to be a manual process, but it updated.

  7. So do you leave the display in the band to charge it? And clip the whole piece on to it and line up the pins to the holes to charge? mine doesn’t seem to be doing anything but it was completely dead when I bought it so I might have to wait a while. What a terrible design. It seems to keep slipping out of the holes. But for $25 I thought I’d give it a try since I’ve never owned a fitness tracker before. We’ll see. Rough start.

  8. Am I able to use this watch just for time purposes and to track my steps? Do I still need to use apps or can I just charge it and use it for time and tracking steps?

  9. terry robertson

    does this itech monitor your heart B/P

  10. I just got this and walking around with it but still indicates zero steps and doesn’t seem to be tracking any other activity on the watch. Is there an initial step I’m missing??

  11. Can you see texts from your phone on your display? My gym’s kids klub texts me if they need me to get my kids. But I don’t like always having my phone while I work out.

  12. Robert Sterbal

    It stopped counting steps

  13. With apologies if this has already been asked, but will this device work (to track steps, monitor sleep) without a phone? Thank you!

  14. Since I’ve synced the iTech with my Android phone, my phone sometimes alarms randomly (probably when the fitness tracker becomes unsynced). Anyone else have this issue? How do I stop the random alarming?

    • Mine keeps ringing and saying that the Band is not connected, but doesn’t say connected to what. When I check my phone setting for it, it states that Band is connected. I am confused now.

  15. Sheila Spalding

    Mine only seems to count steps when I’m outside and have phone nearby. Is that how it’s supposed to operate? Thanks in advance.

  16. Re: waterproof. No note is on the exterior packaging, but in the manual it says: “Your iTECH is splash resistant but not waterproof. Please do not submerge in liquid.”

  17. I’m having trouble getting mine to charge. I left it plugged in all day yesterday. I have kept it in the band, as another reviewer said before, the clip grips it better in the band, but mine does not seem to really charge even when clipped. It’s day two of trying to charge it and it still won’t turn on. Does anybody have any tips or tricks on how you get yours to charge?

  18. I just bought mine today but it is not tracking my steps is there something special I have to do

  19. I bought 2 of these trackers at Aldi’s. Both kept disconnecting the bands and I had to reload the app on my phone and then one of them was stuck on the time and the button would advance to see the other features on the watch. I sent an email to AX technologies but they never responded. I like the watch but I returned both of them

  20. Is there a way to change the time? For some reason after I charged mine the 1st time it’s now 15 min too fast?!?

  21. I just bought one yesterday and I am pretty impressed with it so far. My only complaint is like everyone above has said the charging is a little challenging.

  22. Mine has stopped charging. I have tried several way trying to make it work but it is still not charging. Help.

    • The best way I have found to charge it is to not let it die. If it completely loses charge it takes forever for me to get it to charge. However, if you charge it when its still on it will charge better, you just have to babysit it the whole time. I usually have to go and press the clip in about every 30 mins to make sure its connecting and it will eventually charge.

  23. To ensure that the three prongs stay in the contacts I use another clip – big clip usually used for keeping chip bags closed. Once everything is secure and all prongs actually make contact I have no problems with charging. This is a clumsy work around, but it works. No issues with the tracker, very satisfied with the performance for the price.

  24. Have you been able to get text alerts? I just got my watch today and that feature does not seem to be working for me.

  25. Hello all,
    I just received this tracker three days ago and wanted to share some things I have discovered. I want to start off by saying the device has been working as it should. Now lets talk about a couple issues I have with this smart band.

    Lets start from the beginning! The manual is very close to useless. The one thing it does help with is were to download the app. When download the app make sure it is the iTECH activity tracker and not the iFITNESS app, they look allot alike.

    On to the second issue. Make sure that the device is paired to your phones bluetooth. The app will sync with the watch without being paired with the phone. This will result in some functions working and some not. So if you go to your phones bluetooth settings and don’t see TW64 paired your app will not display track and display everything. In my case the sleep function did not work.

    Bottom line I like it and would rate it 4 out 5 stars. Have to take a star for crappy manual. The app seems to work pretty well smooth and all features work.

  26. Sorry forgot to mention my phone is an android phone from LG.

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