Happy Farms Preferred Burger Melts

Aldi recently sold a new fun product: specially made thick cheese slices designed to go on your burgers while they’re cooking. These are perfect for cookout season.

Happy Farms Burger Melts

Happy Farms Preferred Burger Melts sold for $2.29 for a 4-oz. package at the time of publication. They are limited-time ALDI Finds, so they won’t be in stores for long.

The cheese slices are from the United Kingdom and are available in three flavors: Natural Smoked Flavor Cheddar Cheese, Blue Cheese, and Double Gloucester Cheese with Onions and Chives. My family opted for the cheddar flavor.

Each package contains four slices of cheese, but they are thick slices. This is not your ordinary hamburger cheese.

Happy Farms Burger Melts Nutrition

Happy Farms Preferred Cheddar Cheese Burger Melts nutrition info. (Click to enlarge.)

One 1-oz. slice of the cheddar cheese has 115 calories, 10 grams of total fat (12% of your daily value), 6 grams of saturated fat (32% DV), 25 mg of cholesterol (8% DV), 170 mg of sodium (7% DV), and 1 gram of total carbohydrates (0% DV). One serving also has 6 grams of protein and 19% of your daily value of calcium.

The package has directions for heating the cheese under a broiler or on a barbecue grill.

To broil, preheat the broiler to medium heat and place a slice of cheese on a thoroughly cooked burger. Place under the broiler for approximately 2 minutes or until the cheese has started to melt over the edges of the burger.

To heat on a grill, heat until the cheese has started to melt over the edges of a thoroughly cooked burger.

Remember to recycle the plastic tray the cheese is packaged in.

This cheese was great served on grilled hamburgers. We followed package directions and wished the cheese had melted a little more, but we didn’t want to overcook the burgers. If we use this cheese again, we might place it on the burgers just before they are done cooking to get optimal melt. Otherwise, though, the cheese melts were a hit.

The Verdict:

The ALDI Find Happy Farms Preferred Burger Melts are a great addition to grilled hamburgers. These cheese slices are thick and flavorful. They do take some time to get hot and melty on your burgers, so plan accordingly.

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