When People Think We’re Aldi, 3rd Edition

Last Updated on June 11, 2019

When People Think We're Aldi

How we feel after we get a message saying “please send me stuff.”

A while back, we posted a collection of e-mails we’ve received from people who think we’re Aldi. This is in spite of the fact that our about page, our contact page, our disclosure policy page, and our tagline all go to great lengths to note that we’re not Aldi.

We still got e-mails, so we posted a second collection.

And, guess what? We still get e-mails. And we still collect them.

Here, once more, is a sampling of some of the messages we have received. As before, names, addresses, and phone numbers have been removed to protect the innocent. We have, however, left in every typo.

From someone in New York:

I did not order this but I just received an email that my order will be arriving in two days. The below code is the order?

Please contact me and let me know how this was ordered. I suspect this is someone stealing my identity.

Thank you, [NAME]



From someone else in New York:*

Holy mother of God, this garlic deluxe pie is the [EXPLETIVE], I know Aldi didn’t make this [EXPLETIVE], this guy from the Bronx says this is the [EXPLETIVE] and yous can take my word on this, ok I said too much,

From someone in New Jersey:

We have always used your Pasta & Sauce  noodles in different flavors that comes in a 4.3 oz packet.We bought them at Aldi’s in [LOCATION], but they do not carry them now. Does your company still make them, & if so where else can we buy them here in [LOCATION].  My husband is so disappointed that he can’t find them anymore.  They are very good.  [NAME], Phone in [LOCATION] [PHONE NUMBER]

From someone in Florida who has something very important to do on Thursday:

How can I buy a Mama Cozzi’s Biscuit Crust Sausage Cheese Breakfast Pizza.  I need it by Thursday.  Both Aldi stores in [LOCATION] and [LOCATION] are not carrying them now for some reason.

From someone who apparently thinks a car company sells groceries:

Would love to purchases a 8 man  ,2 room Dom e tent, that recently was on sale at the Audi stores ,if you can find me one with the sleeping bags i  really appreciate it thank you for checking for me my number is [NUMBER]  [NAME]

(EDITOR’S NOTE: when we attempted to e-mail this person back, it came back undeliverable. In other words, this person mistyped their e-mail in our contact page.)

From an e-mail with the subject line: “Almond and Vanilla Extracts..Ginger Powder, Nutmeg”

I’d like bulk prices for each….

From an American:

For Fusia,

I have enjoyed your shrimp and avocado Frozen sushi rolls for a long time now. Unfortunately, with this most recent purchase of mine the quality and consistency was lacking. There was no avocado and over half of the rolls, and after preparing the meal by the directions as I always have it was a very chewy and different consistency that I was used to. Also it was very difficult to find the contact information to help relay this message to Fusia Asian Inspirations directly.

From another American:

How do you recharge my headphones?

From a happy Goldhen consumer:

Thank you, Goldhen for the Bible verse inside of your carton of eggs.  What a blessing to see each day I open the carton to get eggs for our breakfast.

… and an unhappy Goldhen consumer:

while making eggs I noticed this religious(psalm) message– I do no feel it is proper– not every is customer is christian!! this startled me and my wife

From a really unhappy son of a dissatisfied customer:

Hello my moms been buying Millville Honey crunch N oats from Aldi for the past 6-7 years. Very great product. Only problem is, opening a new box earlier this morning she almost broke her recently fixed crown in her mouth. Thing is she found a piece of natural wood covered with honey and oats in length of inch long . Now that could’ve gone a whole wrong route and she could have swallowed possibly causing her to choke. So I’m talking on her behalf because I as well do eat the same cereal every morning . You guys hide your email or any sort of contact info expecting me to complain to Aldi about it, expecting aldi to  give me a whole new box but I sure won’t blame them because the manufacturers are to blame . We need to find a solution for this and resolve it . Like I said if she did had choked on it would have been a lawsuit for sure. I’m expecting a email back ASAP or it’ll be all over the place letting people know to not purchase your product and more. First and for the most part it’s peoples health you people need to be concerned about . Secondly actions need to be taken or I will resolve this in my own ignorant way.

Thank you

* Okay, so maybe this guy didn’t get confused. We can’t tell. But the e-mail was still too good not to share.

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  1. Man, these are amazing. People have… no idea how to use the Internet, do they?

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