Camping With Aldi, Part 1: Tents and Bedding

EDITOR’S NOTE: This piece contains our thoughts on some of Aldi’s tents and outdoor bedding products. To see our thoughts on Aldi’s backpacks and accessories, click here.

When late spring rolls around, you can be sure that Aldi will start rolling out the camping gear. We’ve collated our thoughts on several tents and options for outdoor bedding. We’d love to hear your own thoughts and experiences in the comments.

Adventuridge 14′ x 10′ 8-Person 2-Room Tent

Adventuridge 14' x 10' 8-Person 2-Room Tent

Cost: $69.99

Manual: 20172016

Thoughts: Sometimes simply called the Adventuridge Dome Tent, this tent is manufactured by Wenzel, which makes a variety of tents, most of them with decent reviews. The Adventuridge 8-person tent uses a tried-and-true modified dome style that takes, in our experience, about 30 minutes or so to set up and take down. If you’ve worked with this style of tent before, you probably won’t need to look much at the manual.

A couple of nitpicks. First off, as is typical for tents nowadays, we don’t know that it really fits the eight people it claims to unless you’re cramming them in like sardines. With a fair amount of gear, this is more suitable for, say, four people. Second, two of the guy lines from the fly stake down in front of the door and are a tripping hazard, especially at night, so some reflective tape wrapped around them (or perhaps cut pool noodles) might be a good idea. We also recommend buying a good tent sealer to help keep the rain out.

That said, we think this is a solid tent for a family trip, and the price is about as good as we’ve seen for a tent of this size. It’s also backed by one of the longest warranties we’ve ever seen in an Aldi product: 10 years.

Adventuridge 4-Person 9′ x 7′ Dome Tent

Adventuridge 4-Person 9' L x 7' W Dome Tent

Cost: $29.99

Manual: 20172016

Thoughts: Another Wenzel tent, this tent comes in blue or green and uses the standard dome style common to tents of this size. Setup is straightforward, and little extras like an e-port and a zipper cover on the D-syle door are a plus. It is listed as a 4-person tent, but in our experience tents of this size are best suited for two people. We’ve tested it, and while it’s got some limitations, it’s a good budget tent. Like the 8-person tent, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Full review: here

Adventuridge Pop-Up Tent

Adventuridge Pop-Up TentCost: $19.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: This tent comes as a large disc that, according to the instructions, you simply toss into the air and it pops into place. The price is considerably less than most other pop-up tents. It measures 96.5″ x 57″ x 43.3″ and is designed for one person and some gear. Given what we know about other Adventuridge tents, we figure this one is worth a look, although we’re not sure who the manufacturer is.

Adventuridge Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat

Adventuridge Self-Inflating Sleeping MatCost: $14.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: Measuring 74 inches long, 26 inches wide, and 2 inches tall, this mat is manufactured by German-based company Royalbeach. More portable than an airbed or cot, but also less comfortable, this little device quickly and automatically fills with air when you unroll it. We found it easy enough to use, although it only — like most camping mats — provides a small amount of cushioning and insulation against cold or damp ground. As far as self-inflating mats go, this is about as cheap as it gets. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Adventuridge Self-Inflating Pillow

Adventuridge Self-Inflating Pillow

Cost: $6.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: This is the companion to the self-inflating mat, although it can be used on its own merits with a cot or airbed. Like that mat, this is very compact and inflates automatically when you uncoil it. We’ve tried it, and while it’s no true substitute for a real pillow, we got a decent night’s sleep with it. It’s reasonably comfortable and probably necessary if you get the mat, unless you want your head flat on the ground. It has a 2-year warranty.

Full review: here

Adventuridge Camping Cot

Adventuridge Camping CotCost: $24.99


Thoughts: Like the inflatable mat, the cot is manufactured by German-based company Royalbeach. It measures 75 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 17 inches tall and sits on an aluminum frame. The cot comes with a side storage pocket and the whole thing folds into a carry bag. Cots are one of our favorite sleep surfaces for camping, but they’re also the heaviest when folded up compared to mats or airbeds. This one is no exception; while it’s reasonably compact when folded, it’s noticeably heavier than the mat and airbed. It has a 2-year warranty.

Adventuridge Queen Airbed With Pump

Cost: $19.99


Thoughts: A standard single-height queen airbed, suitable for camping or other travel where you need temporary sleeping arrangements. In our experience, airbeds have the best mix between compactness and comfort, but even a pinprick-sized hole can be an annoyance. Our preliminary thoughts on the airbed are decent enough, and the price is lower than even some of the generic big-box store versions we’ve seen. The pump is a plus, although we’ve filled many an airbed using just a standard hair dryer. It also comes with a carry bag for the whole thing.

The airbed has a 90-day warranty and the pump is guaranteed for 1 year.

Full review: here

Adventuridge Twin Airbed With Pump

Adventuridge Twin Airbed With PumpCost: $14.99


Thoughts: essentially a smaller cousin to the queen airbed, it includes the bag and air pump the larger version does. If our experience with the queen is any indication, this is a solid choice for an airbed for one.

Adventuridge Sleeping Bag

Adventuridge Sleeping Bag

Cost: $9.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: Manufactured by Australian-based Companion Brands, this sleeping bag comes with a self-repairing zipper, a full length wind baffle along the zipper, an internal pocket for valuables, and optional foot ventilation. It’s rated for 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit and includes a carry bag. It’s backed by a 2-year warranty.

Adventuridge Travel Hammock

Adventuridge Travel HammockCost: $12.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: Measuring 9 feet long by about 5 feet wide, the featureset includes Heavy-duty rope and steel carabiners for what it claims is quick and easy setup. It stores very compactly in a provided bag. We don’t have any experience with one of these yet, but the retail price is considerably lower than other travel hammocks online. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

The Verdict:

We’ve interacted with some of these products, and the ones we have used have proven competent. We like the warranties on many of them, especially the larger ones. Either way, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.



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  2. I was just looking at their camping gear thinking that the single pop-up tent might be something my son would like. In the end I got some beautiful Petunias in hanging baskets for $4 a piece.

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  4. Katelyn E Rogers

    we are currently camping in our tent. it was really easy to set up and had nice little bonuses. the fact that the windows on the side unzip to allow a cross breeze is nice and the pull over top to prevent rain. the stakes that come with it are terrible so pick up some extra ones from Walmart and you need a good stake hammer. we also got the air matress. it actually holds air quite well. no flat morning blues. only annoyance with the tent is the zipper for the door. the green flap gets caught and I almost ripped it apart in the night to use the bathroom. after fixing that, all great. I agree with the ropes at the front, my husband and I both ran smack into them and will be grabbing some extra pool noodles to wrap those. great price, great tent. we fit the air matress and you could easily fit 6 with room to spare in here

    • Glad to hear the tent (and the airbed) have made for a good holiday weekend campout. I’ve also experienced running into those guy lines, so I empathize. 🙂

      • Katelyn E Rogers

        last update, it rained last night. not pouring but not sprinkling and for quite some time. no water in the tent but we also had all the windows zipped up. but no leaks and a good sound proof tent. I forgot to include there is a extension cord pocket up front so you can put it through the side without water or bugs getting in and it doesn’t have to be at the opening near your feet to trip over. a nice little extra.

  5. Am in need of another camping floor mat.

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  8. DISH DRAINER. . . I bought the Adventuridge Collapsible Tub / Dish Drainer at local ALDI in the Bronx, N.Y. about 3 weeks ago. It is excellent. I only paid 9.99. Can’t get them now. Wish I could find another one.
    If you see one , buy it.

  9. How is ventilation in the tent? We live in Missouri with miserably hot summers…but we love to camp. The Aldi 8 person dome tent is on sale right now (possibly because other people in Missouri know better than to camp this time of year) and I am excited to know it is a Wenzel, which are good car-camping tents that often cost 3-4 times what this one does. But how are the windows and general ventilation?

    • For what it’s worth, our experience with the tent happened at Bennett Spring State Park in Missouri, in the summer, and we thought it ventilated pretty well.

  10. In our experience, the drawback of the tent is that the fly is short compared to, say, a Coleman. In a heavy rain, especially with wind, the rain gets in through the windows.

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  16. Another brand worth checking out is roadeavour.

  17. I got the swag they had and it was about 100 dollars.
    I have another one that is an oz trail brand but this one is bigger.
    It is actually the exact same swag as the oz trail king which sells for anything up to 400 dollars.
    They are made in the same factory and are infact the same swag. Even the writing on the side is the same just the different name.
    A friend of mine has the oz trail king and we compared them and they are the same swag.
    Very good quality and for a 100 dollars it cannot be beaten. VERY impressed.

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