Aldi Camping Gear, Part 2: Backpacks and Accessories (2020)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post contains a roundup of some of Aldi’s camping accessories, continuously updated for 2020. To find Aldi’s tents and bedding, click here.

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Over the years, Aldi has sold a variety of camping products, from tents and bedding to backpacks and accessories. While the quantity, timing, and the sourcing of the products can change from year to year, you can always expect the grocer to serve up a healthy dose of outdoor gear just in time to hammer in your stakes.

Here’s our roundup of some of the backpacks and accessories. Be forewarned: these are Aldi Finds, which means they’re only around for a limited time. Once they’re gone, you won’t see them again until next year.

Adventuridge Collapsible Tub or Dish Drainer

Product Code: 52830

Cost: $12.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: Aldi has been selling these for a while, and the tub is a staple in our own camping expeditions. Both the tub and the dish drainer come in green or blue and are designed for camping use, although you can use them around the house, too. The tub has a 5-gallon capacity and is 18.6 inches x 14.9 inches x 9.7 inches expanded; that last number drops to 2.8 inches when collapsed. The dish drainer, meanwhile, has a 4.2-gallon capacity and measures 18 inches x 14 inches x 8 inches when expanded, with the last number dropping to 2.5 inches after collapse.

Full review (tub): here

Adventuridge Camping Floor Mat

Product Code: 90519

Cost: $19.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: This mat measures 98 inches by 118 inches (roughly 8 feet by 10 feet) and appears designed to fit with the Adventuridge 6-Person Tent. It can be cut to size, though. It’s made of PVC and polyester and is both nonslip and mold resistant. It comes in either green or gray and includes a carry bag.

Intex Inflatable Camp Chair

Product Code: 702249

Cost: $19.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: This Intex chair, which comes in gray, measures 48 inches long x 44 inches wide x 38 inches high and features a flocked surface for comfort and a cup holder. It has a weight capacity of 220 pounds and folds for travel. We haven’t used this model, but our previous experience with Aldi inflatable chairs hasn’t been great: we hope this one is better.

If you have any experience with these products, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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