Adventuridge Men’s Trekking Sandals

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated below with a 2-year progress report. Aldi sold trekking sandals again in 2023 for the same price of $14.99. 

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In recent years, I’ve noticed a steady uptick in the amount of footwear hitting Aldi’s limited-run shelves. I can now say I’ve seen walking shoes, sandals, hiker boots, athletic shoes (for men and women), and slip-on shoes, to say nothing of slippers or kid’s shoes.

I see generic shoes as a risk. Shoes I’ve purchased from big box stores, for example, have never been as comfortable or lasted as long as a name-brand shoe. I tend to get what I pay for. So as Aldi has rolled out its footwear — and for typically low Aldi prices — I’ve wondered whether they can go the distance.

As an Aldi blogger, though, part of my job is to test what Aldi sells, so here I am, with a new set of Aldi footwear.

Adventuridge Men's Trekking Sandals 2

Adventuridge Men’s Trekking Sandals are an ALDI Find, which means they’re only in stores for a short time. At the time of this post, the sandals cost $14.99, which is $3 more than they were the year before, although still much cheaper than what you’d pay elsewhere. There is no warranty, and the packaging doesn’t indicate who made them. They come in a few sizes and a couple of colors, although they’re limited; the only color I could see for my shoe size was black with gray trim.

Adventuridge Men's Trekking Sandals 2

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The shoes have a few features of note. One, they use an adjustable strap that can be loosened or tightened by pushing a button on a strap-locking mechanism and then either pulling the string or pulling the mechanism. It’s pretty easy to use, and once the sandals are tightened the user can tuck the excess string under the other strings along the top of the sandal.

Adventuridge Men's Trekking Sandals 2

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Two, the sandals have a TPR toe cap — in other words, the toe cap is made of the same rubber that the bottom is. This gives the toes some protection, which is nice when walking in places where you might kick up against something hard, like rocks or branches. It also seems to be useful in helping to keep debris like gravel or sand out of the shoe.

Adventuridge Men's Trekking Sandals 2

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Three, the sandals have a traction outsole. The bottom of the sandals have grip.

I put the sandals through the paces during a multi-day camping excursion where I experienced both dry warm days and torrential rain. The sandals performed well in early use, fitting comfortably, providing ample cushion, and gripping grass and pavement alike well. The best thing I can say about them is that I wasn’t thinking much about the fact that I was wearing them, which is exactly what you want a shoe to do.

As is always the case with shoes, durability is the question. I’ll update this post down the line as I have more to share about that.

The Verdict:

At $15, Aldi has an interesting trekking sandal, with a nice traction outsole and a hard toe cap to protect the foot. Early returns are good, although long-term durability is still to be determined. A promising start, though.

UPDATE (July 2021): I’ve owned these for two years now and they continue to work well. I’ve worn them hiking, on the beach, in the water, and in activities like kayaking. They’ve stayed on my feet and held together the way I’d want them to.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam, I received a pair of Sport Sandals. I must say that they are very comfortable to say the least. This is the first time I’ve got something that is simply perfect across the board. Living in Dallas Tx.can ware year round. Cheers, dw

  2. Hi , Can I get my adventuridge trekking sandals wet & wash them ? Thank you John

  3. Hi there – wondering if you have any follow-up comments on these sandals now that it’s been a year. You are the only internet review I could find for these particular sandals – thank you for your work!

    We are about to leave on a hiking trip… these are still sitting new in the box, waiting to be tested. My main concern is whether they dry quickly/properly with that soft footbed. If you see this comment, any feedback would be helpful. Thanks a bunch.

    All the best.

    • They’ve held up pretty well. They dry easily. I do find that sometimes my ankle gets a little chafed if I wear them for long walks, but I have used them for hiking and they make for a good water shoe when walking through creek beds and such.

    • How do I get a pair when Aldis doesn’t have my size

  4. Wow, I wasn’t expecting such a quick reply.

    Then into the suitcase they go. Your experience couldn’t be more spot on for our purposes. We’re staying in a cabin with a fishing stream a few feet from the front porch… want to be prepared to take our toddlers exploring, as well as some solo hikes.

    Thank you, internet friend! I was just telling my husband about finding your blog… and now we need to buy some of those cider donuts for the trip 🙂

  5. I bought a pair this summer, primarily because of the July update and some of the comments here.
    However, I am very disappointed that my pair did not hold up as well as i wished. The heels on both sides sinked about a month after i had them. And less than three month, left side strap sewed into the left heel broke off nearly all the way.
    I’ll see if it’s possible to get a return for GC without the receipt.

    For the record, I still trust the aldireviewer, as i had two pairs of adventuridge branded winter and hiking boots from aldi and am very happy with those. Just a data point for next summer’s buyer.

    • That’s a bummer. Mine were the 2019 model; if there was something different about the production of the 2021 model, it’s possible that was a factor. Or just dumb luck between different pairs made by the manufacturer. You never really know.

  6. Aldi trekker sandals recd for Father’s day 2023 only three months old and straps coming off of sole by my there a site for Aldi where I can complain..and or get replacement (size 12)

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