Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes (Summer 2020)

Last Updated on October 1, 2020

Throughout the year, Aldi sells shoes for literally every walk of life. For a retailer that primarily focuses on selling groceries, Aldi offers a surprising number of shoes, from hiking boots to flats to trekking sandals to suede boots to garden boots. Aldi also sells its share of tennis shoes and athletic shoes.

I’ve had mixed success with Aldi shoes. I have some canvas flats that I love, and that other people sometimes mistake for TOMS. I also have some athletic shoes from Aldi, and the soles wore down after a short time; they’re okay for just walking around the neighborhood but not on rugged trails or other more demanding activities.

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes

One of the more recent pairs of shoes that showed up on the shelves at Aldi are the Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes. These cost $9.99 at the time of publication. They are an Aldi Find (Special Buy), so they’re only in stores for a short time. These shoes had been sitting in my local store for several weeks, and I bought one of the last pairs.

These have a memory foam insole, a flexible outsole, and a loop strap closure. They’re basically Mary Jane-style shoes in tennis shoe form. They’re made in China.

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes

On my middle schooler’s feet.

I typically wear a size 8 or 9 in shoes, depending on the brand and style. I’ve noticed that Aldi shoes for women seem to run a bit on the larger side lately. I bought size 8s, figuring my tween daughter who wears an 8 could use these shoes if they didn’t fit me. They are slightly big on her, but they fit my feet okay. We might end up sharing them and passing them back and forth.

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes

The shoes are comfortable, with good memory foam padding in the inner soles, and they look cute. In the images on the box, the model is wearing these without socks, and they really could be worn either with or without socks, depending on your preference and the weather.

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes

The biggest test with Aldi shoes is always how long they last. I’ll update this post after I’ve had more time with these shoes.

The Verdict:

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes are cute and comfortable and fit pretty true to size or slightly larger. What remains to be seen is how well they hold up after wearing them for a while.

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  1. i am looking for cranes slip on ladies walking shoe. i bought a pair at Aldis last year

  2. Rachael
    When is Aldi getting crane walking shoes back

  3. i bought a pair of grey and pink ladies active shoes about9 years ago then i bought a blue and white pair. i got them both from Lidl and i still wear them most days. because they have a rocking motion they help stop my foot pain.

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