Auto XS Snowbrush With Ice Scraper

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

In the part of the Midwest where I live, winter sneaks up on us. One day, it seems, it’s 70 degrees and sunny, and then suddenly it’s 10 degrees and frigid. A sure sign that visibility is going south is looking out the window on a cold morning and seeing a layer of frost on the windshield.

An ice scraper is an indispensable tool on those kinds of mornings. Depending on where you live, a snow brush can be important, too, especially if you’re clearing overnight snow off your car in the morning or brushing off a wave of the stuff as you get ready to head home from work.

During the winter months, Aldi sells a snow brush and ice scraper.

Auto XS Snowbrush with Ice Scraper

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The Auto XS Snowbrush with Ice Scraper is an ALDI Find, meaning it’s only in stores for a little while. It runs $3.99, which I think is pretty cheap given what this one can do. It’s made by Walser Asia Pacific, a Hong Kong-based subsidiary of Walser, a German company that specializes in automotive accessories.

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A tool like this is pretty simple, but there are several little details that I noticed.

One, the ice scraper appears to be molded in a reinforced fashion. It’s not just a simple blade, but rather a contoured blade molded into a larger piece that is grooved to push snow and ice out of the way.

Two, there is a foam grip next to the ice scraper. It’s soft and looks like an ideal handhold for both the scraper and brush.

Three, in the middle of the scraper is a release button that, when pressed, allows the aluminum handle to telescope out to a greater length. There are three length positions, and all of them lock in place, so you don’t have to worry about it shrinking on you.

Four, the brush has a loop on it that lets you get a handhold on that side. As with the foam grip, it gives you one more place to grab as you do the work.

I put the scraper to some use scraping ice and I found it was well designed ergonomically. It has several places you can grab it to get the job done, and I appreciate that versatility. I also like the length of the telescoping brush: while it has its limits, it does make it easier to get to snow atop my small SUV.

The Verdict:

Aldi isn’t a hardware store, but this Auto XS scraper and snow brush is a surprisingly versatile tool. With a reinforced scraper, foam grip, telescoping shaft, and a number of handholds, it’s a nice addition to any car that needs to deal with subfreezing temperatures. And the $3.99 price tag is about as low as it gets.

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  1. Garbage. Scrapper broke first time I used it

  2. Like the previous review, I used it the first time to remove crusty ice and snow on the windshield…after the third push with the scraper blade, the plastic blade broke. So, this thing will not hold up against ice on a windshield.
    My review would be one out of five, as the scraper is worthless!!

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