Easy Home Robotic Floor Duster

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Easy Home Robotic Floor Duster

EDITOR’S NOTE 1: This is the review of the Easy Home Robotic Floor Duster. If you’re looking for the Easy Home Robotic Vacuum, you can find our review of that here.

EDITOR’S NOTE 2: Aldi brought a robotic floor duster back in the spring of 2022 for $24.99. 

UPDATE 1 (1/6/18): corrected the piece to reflect how to order replacement pads.

UPDATE 2 (12/18/18): Updated below with a 1-year progress report.

Robot vacuums are all the rage right now. Robot dusters? Not so much.

Aldi has tried its own version of robotic vacuums in recent years, and if our site traffic is any indication, you’re as curious about them as we’ve been. Aldi recently sold a fairly robust vacuum for $100, but that’s not what this post is about.

Easy Home robots

The Easy Home Robotic Vacuum side-by-side with the Easy Home Robotic Floor Duster. One of these is a vacuum. The other is … not a vacuum. (Click to enlarge.)

This post is about a $20 duster that operates more like a Swiffer than a vacuum.

So is it still worth buying? Let’s take a look.

In case we didn’t make it clear already, let’s do that now: this is not a vacuum. It doesn’t contain any suction and isn’t going to be much help on a rug. Instead, it’s a duster: it is designed to roam around hardwood floors, laminate, and other smooth-surface areas sweeping up dust, hair, and other bits that like to make a home on a smooth-surface floor. It automates what a Swiffer does manually.

As comparisons go, this is a whole lot like the Vileda Virobi Robotic Mop, which currently runs about $70 in a limited number of outlets, or the O-Cedar O-Duster, which looks identical to the Virobi and ran for about $25 on a few major sites but is currently listed as out of stock.

The Easy Home Robotic Floor Duster comes with the following:

  • The robotic floor duster
  • 20 disposable pads (one of them comes pre-installed)
  • A wall adapter
  • A manual

The floor duster is backed by a 3-year warranty.

The instructions advise charging the duster for 10 hours prior to first use. Once it’s ready, the red charging light will turn off and you’re ready to go. The first cleaning pad comes pre-installed, but attaching the pads isn’t hard: the pad rings fix to the duster by way of a velcro ring that lines the outer edge of the duster.

Easy Home Robotic Duster

The pad after a few minutes of cleaning. (Click to enlarge.)

Removing the pads is just as easy. We do advise — as does the manual — cleaning the underside of the duster, including the wheels, with a paper towel or damp cloth to prevent residue buildup. (Whatever you do, don’t submerge it in water.)

The duster comes with 20 pads. In addition, the manual has a form for ordering more: it’s in the very back of the manual, after the Spanish-language section. Replacement pads come in packs of 20 for $9, including shipping, if ordered before December 2020. We also assume that pads from the Virobi and O-Duster models probably also fit this model.

Duster Order Form Front

Duster Pads Order Form: Front (click to enlarge)

Duster Order From Back

Duster Pads Order Form: Back (click to enlarge)

The Positives:

The manual advises placing the duster in the center of the room when you begin. The duster is activated by pressing the desired time frame — 30 minutes or 120 minutes — whereupon it starts cruising around the room. As it moves it also rotates on its axis, which not only gets the cleaning pad moving in a circular motion but also makes the duster look a lot like some sort of red UFO cruising around your kitchen.

We thought it did a pretty decent job of doing what it’s designed to do. It moves around, for the most part, well enough, and is smart enough to change course after it hits an obstacle. It also does its job without making an excessive amount of noise. We also liked how, as long as it was on a flat surface, it managed to move around without getting stuck. In a couple of instances, like under our fridge, this little device even managed to avoid getting stuck where the Aldi robot vacuum was less lucky.

The Negatives:

Aside from the obvious it’s-not-for-rugs issue, it’s got a couple of other limitations that potential users should be aware of. One is that it doesn’t handle differences in floor level very well. In our house, a small metal lip separates the kitchen from the dining room, and the duster simply can’t handle it going in either direction. It always gets stuck. A little nudge fixes that, but it’s a limitation.

A second limitation (which, to be fair, the manual points out) is that the duster does not have any fall sensors. That means that if the duster hits a stoop or drop, it’s going to pitch right over it. If you’ve got such drops, you’re going to have to block them off before you turn this little robot loose.

We also noticed that, sometimes, scraping things on the floor can partially dislodge parts of the pad from the velcro. This isn’t a major deal, but you’ll probably want to check on it from time to time, especially if you’ve left anything on the floor.

None of these limitations, we should add, are problems with the Aldi robotic vacuum. Granted, there’s an $80 difference between the two, but this is still one of those cases where you’re getting what you pay for.

UPDATE (December 18, 2018): We’ve owned the duster for a year now and it continues to perform about the same as it did when we first reviewed it. We generally prefer our robot vacuum over the duster, but the duster is still a reliable choice for picking up dust bunnies off the hardwood floor.

The Verdict:

If you’re looking for a full-featured robot vacuum, this isn’t it. It doesn’t handle rugs or carpet, and it’s not equipped for short ledges or large drops, either: it will get stuck on the first one and fall over the second. If you prefer something more full featured, you’ll want an actual robotic vacuum.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a $20 device that functions as a basic robotic dry mop, this might be up your alley. Don’t expect a lot more, but we can at least say that it works as advertised.

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  1. replacement pads availability not supplied?? Its important!!

  2. The replacement pad refill information is in the manual. Also O’Cedar makes the refill and it is at Target. I just used mine and was AMAZED. We have no carpet – all wood floors- and it did exactly what I wanted it to do between deep cleanings. In fact, I am buying another one for the upstairs and one for a raffle item to donate. Well worth the money!

  3. Our house has all hard floor no carpet at all. And it’s a large house. We have 2 dogs, a cat and are a family of 5. I bought one and used it once. My hubby told me to go get 2 more lol. I also tried flipping over the dusting pad after a cleaning to see if I could use the other side. Turns out it works. So one pad can be used twice. This works for our family daily to collect the pet hair and dust in between my vacuuming schedule. Love this product!!

  4. I saw it and thought it can’t be very good because it’s so cheap, but sounds like I was wrong. I just found your review site today and am ever so grateful for it because I do most of my shopping at Aldi and have often wondered about the quality of their products. I’m sure I’ll be visiting your site often. Thank you for purchasing and reviewing the products

  5. PS Love your cat’s reaction?. I’ve got two and think one will be scared the othe curious.
    PPS (A QUESTION OR TWO): How does the robot know where to go? It seems to travel to and fro at random and not in a systematic way, so how does it know where it’s been and where it should go to next?
    PPPS Your floors are already immaculate and there’s no stuff in the way. Did you clean them thoroughly and pick stuff up prior to turning Robo loose? Does it push small things (dry bits of pet food or treats) out of the way?

    • I think the packaging suggests that there’s an algorithm to the movement, but it does look semi-random to me. The only exception is when the battery is low — when that happens, the vacuum seems to run the periphery of the wall until it gets back to its base.

      Our floor was reasonably clean, but we didn’t do any picking up prior to using the robot. It does seem to pick up bits of food and other things pretty well, but the internal dirt storage is not huge so you’ll have to check it from time to time. Also, as we mentioned in the review, hair is its number 1 nemesis: it can get stuck particularly in the center brush, so you’ll have to take it out and clean it from time to time, too, especially with cats in play.

  6. I cannot find my manual to order more pads for my red robotic floor duster. Can you help me?

  7. Maxine Townsend

    I have had my robot since January 2018 and it has stopped working. I charge it and it will work about 10 seconds and cuts off.
    what must I do?

    • The first thing I would do is pull the center brush and clean it thoroughly. Especially make sure to pick any hair out that might be caught in the brush and along the sides where it plugs into the vacuum. If it’s getting gummed up that way it will shut off as a failsafe.

  8. Pin on the center brush got pushed in too far. aldi said brush is NOT covered. The hole 4 the pin is too deep or the pin is too short. I drilled a small hole on side of brush near pin. Drill hit pin n moved it out. I cut a finish nail to take up the room n inserted the pin .No way now for it to get pushed in too far . Get a new brush no! Hole could be too deep on new brush

  9. I was wondering if anyone knows of a reusable pad replacement? So far I love my robotic floor sweeper, but don’t want to keep using disposable pads.

  10. Bought the little red duster last week @Aldi, I love it!! I have real wood floors, 2 dogs, and 3 cats. This is perfect for picking up the pet hair dust bunnies that accumulate daily, instead of trying to sweep. I used both sides of the pad tonight, worked great just wipe it down after. I just found the pad replacement order from, but I will buy the o’Ceder pads to try.

  11. Do NOT purchase! This duster cannot climb a very low level rug and does become stuck on a floor vent and will scratch your floor in both circumstances.

    • The duster is not meant for any type rugs as it is for use on bare floors to dust, not vaccum. I cannot comment on the vent issue as the vents in our house are raised somewhat and the duster treats it as an obstacle and goes around it when it hits the vent.

  12. Brenda Durrenberger

    The first one did not work. Pushed the button and nothing happened. Customer Service was helpful, as I was sent another as a replacement. That one wouldn’t even take a charge. Both went into the trash.

  13. Please what must be wrong? After about 3 use of the robotic duster, I packed it and after about 2years I am trying to charge it and use but the light will not come on. Any help or advice please?

  14. Have anyone used it as a wet mop after spraying lightly the floors?

  15. Does it work on tile floors with grout lower than the tile?

  16. What are the dimensions? Height is an issue.

  17. what is the price of cleaning pads now???

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