Friendly Farms Cottage Cheese

I shudder when I remember the low-fat craze that took hold during my 1980s childhood: skim milk, nonfat cottage cheese, nonfat yogurt (sweetened with aspartame!), artificial eggs, margarine, nonfat salad dressing (with sugar to make up for the lack of flavor), and worst of all, nonfat cheese, which looks and tastes exactly like shards of hard plastic.

Those were dark days. And the food was terrible.

Fortunately, nutritional science has caught up with our instincts and taste buds to tell us, whoops! Our bad: naturally-occurring fat (not trans fat) is okay! And often good for you. Sorry for the terrible cheese.

I’m glad I’ve lived long enough to witness that 180-degree turnaround. Good quality oils, butter, and whole milk taste so much better than their fake-food counterparts. Fortunately Aldi has lots of inexpensive healthy fats to choose from, including olive oil, coconut oil, tuna, and a nice selection of nuts.

Whole fat dairy products aren’t as good for you as those, but they’re still fine to eat in moderation and will keep you fuller for longer than their low or non-fat versions. Enter one of my personal Aldi favorites: the humble Friendly Farms Cottage Cheese (small curd, 4% milkfat variety). Yes, it comes in 2%, too, but didn’t we just establish that we don’t have to torture ourselves with low fat food? Go ahead and buy the good stuff.

I love cottage cheese. My mom used to serve it up with fruit (canned peaches, because life is never perfect), and I’d pick off the slimy fruit to eat the cheese. It’s one of my favorite comfort foods and also a nice high-protein snack or breakfast. It’s creamy-meets-salty flavor is addictive, once you get over how unappealing it looks.

Cottage cheese is such a basic, humble product that you wouldn’t think there’d be much variety out there. But as a life-long lover of curds and whey, I’m here to tell you that they’re not all created equal. Some are too sour; some are too grainy; some are too thick and lumpy; and some are too thin. Ideally, cottage cheese should have soft curds and a rich milky flavor with a hint of saltiness.

Friendly Farms Cottage Cheese is perfect. I’ve never had a bad carton, and you can imagine I’ve gone through plenty of them. They’re consistently creamy, a little salty, and smooth. I’ve had much higher priced cottage cheeses from other stores that can’t stand up to this one in terms of flavor and texture.

Each 1/2 cup serving contains 100 calories, 5 grams of fat (3 saturated), 11 grams of protein, and 8% of your daily calcium. It also contains 20% of your recommended sodium, so be careful if you’re following a low-sodium diet. There are no serving instructions, but I recommend a bowl or cup and a spoon because your family might give you strange looks if you just stand in the kitchen eating it straight out of the carton. Hypothetically, of course.

The Verdict:

If you love cottage cheese, or you love someone who does, then save yourself money and disappointment by buying the Aldi whole milk version. You won’t regret it; and it’s not even bad for you. And if I’m coming over to visit, please buy two. 

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a content writer who specializes in scientific research and development. She’s been saving money at Aldi for years and loves the store’s organic products.


  1. I purchased the cottage cheese and each time, it had way too much water couldn’t even see the cottage cheese. The only way I could eat it was to dump it in a mesh colander and that only helped very little.I purchased this at Aldi Brighton St PSL

    • Charles Whealton

      That’s why I’m on this site right now. To see if anybody else was experiencing this. I used to buy 3 or 4 containers of their cottage cheese at a shot. When it’s done right, this stuff is INCREDIBLY great tasting. But anymore, it’s like a hit or miss for me. Sometimes, like the new one I opened today, there’s just too much liquid. I don’t know if this is responsible for upsetting my stomach or what, but even if it’s not, it takes the enjoyment out of eating it. It’s RUNNY. It’s gross. It’s 180° out of phase from when I buy it and it’s not overly saturated and is nice and firm. And when it’s like that – as it should be, it’s the best cottage cheese I’ve ever had. When it’s runny, it’s the worst I’ve ever had. I’m shopping at the Aldi on Chesapeake Boulevard in Elkton, MD. It’s gotten to the point where I’m going to have to contact them. This cottage cheese has gone from the best find I made at Aldi, to almost the WORST.

  2. I just bought some and AMP is exactly right. Way too watery. I won’t buy again.

  3. Yep, way too much water. First tast each serving has a weird and butter flavor, which subsides thereafter. Not again for me.

  4. Just started going to Aldies and trying their stuff. Some good some not so. This is very good I also love cottage cheese and this has great favor. It is a bit watery but I have had that with others. Will be getting more this week.. Just wish Aldies would print where their stuff is made.

  5. Purchased small curd cottage cheese from Aldis and there were about 30 big “curds” like the size of a grape. To me these were just gross as I only care for small curds. Smashed them into smaller chunks then the cottage cheese was drier than I like.

    • Charles Whealton

      Yes, I just posted above and I also noticed this when it was also just downright too watery. I actually prefer it drier – much drier.

  6. low fat cottage cheese watery, so I purchased the 4% milk fat, just as watery as the low fat! Aldi’s need to address this problem. Won’t buy again.

    • Contains carrageenan a toxic ingredient can cause stomach cancer and anaphylactic seizure. Banned in many countries because it is so toxic. Used as a thickened to reduce water.

      • Well, apparently they’re not using enough of it. Figured I’d do a test and try purchasing another container of it. Ate it one time, had an upset stomach that I’m beginning to believe was connected to it, and ended up tossing it. What a waste of money. It’s incredible that Aldi isn’t concerned enough about this to do anything about it. I’ve spoken with the twice and the second time I was told they’re working with the manufacturer, but in the end, it’s the same lousy cottage cheese – except when there’s NOT too much liquid in it. Then it’s some of the best tasting I’ve ever had. Dump the manufacturer.

      • You need to do more research. It’s the same misinformation that gave MSG a bad name.

  7. Just purchased the cottage cheese. Full of cream and about 30 curds. Will not buy agian

  8. Lousy with gums and other gut disruptors. Cottage cheese should contain milk, cream, and salt. Those are the listed ingredients in the Daisy brand.

    Aldi brand contains:
    grade a skim milk, cream, salt, whey, phosphoric acid, glucono delta lactone, guar gum, calcium sulfate, xanathan gum, mono and diglycerides, natural and artificial flavors, carrageenan, locust bean gum, potassium sorbate preservative), enzymes.


  9. Are friendly farm cottage cheese consider vegetarian .
    Is it kosher ??

  10. This cottage cheese is so watery I can drink it like milk! Bottoms up 😭

  11. Too much water taste awful

  12. Albert L Salizzoni

    ive been complaing since september 10 2019 they dont care so i dont bye it ther

  13. Charles Whealton

    That thought DID occur to me – that the company manufacturing it for them is adding water for weight. They SHOULD be concerned because it’s a hit to their reputation, not whatever xyz company is putting it out for them. I complained on their website last night. There’s a link posted in here someplace. I also mentioned their sour cream. I suspect the same people are producing that, though of course I could be wrong. Not as pronounced as the cottage cheese, but still way too liquidy.

    • The liquid you’re talking about in sour cream — and even in cottage cheese — is whey. It’s natural and healthy.

      • Charles Whealton

        Yeah, I get it, but there is WAY (no pun intended) too much of it. It’s the difference between night and day and makes the cottage cheese so unappealing that for the first time since I began shopping at Aldi, I’m probably going to take it back and stop purchasing it there. It’s seriously BAD. Cottage cheese should (almost) have the consistency of water.

    • Their 1% cottage tastes and has the consistency of what other brands call 2,3 or 4%.
      Just tried their “non fat” yogurt today and it has the consistency and taste of full fat yogurt. There is something fishy cause I doubt Aldi found the miracle of making non fat and low fat products taste and look and feel like full fat!

  14. I buy at Aldias “Friendly Farms” 4% cottage cheese. It’s always been good. But what a surprise when I opened our “new” container !!! It was very soupy and not but a few curds!!! I don’t know maybe it was the end or the beginning of filling the containers. Heres the upc no.
    041498192174 date good until 9/18/20 plant#39-13

  15. Seriously, Margaret. You NEED TO REPORT THIS TO THEM. I already did and when I complained that I didn’t think they were taking it seriously, they directed me to a manager. It’s bad and even their own employees are aware of it because I asked point blank. Some of them purchase it themselves. Seriously, report it. I also told them about this sight where there were multiple complaints. It’s not just us.

  16. I do get small variations in texture and saltiness, but I have to say that it is the best cottage cheese I ever had. I’ve gone through about 20 (not at once ;)) and I still can’t get enough. Great storage containers too. And I do eat it right out of the container in the kitchen in front of the family.


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