Aldi’s “Double Guarantee” is Now “Twice as Nice”

Anyone who shops at Aldi knows that its got its own culture, from the quarter system to the Swiss-Army-knife-workers. The store also has its own lingo, most obviously in the many house brands that sit on the shelves: Millville, Friendly Farms, Mama Cozzi’s, Nature’s Nectar, Little Journey … you get the idea.

The thing about Aldi lingo is that it can and does change. We’ve seen house brand names be dropped or replaced (Fine Feline is now Heart to Tail), and we’ve seen terminology for the products themselves be changed (Special Buys in the United States are now ALDI Finds). We’ve even seen new terms added to the lineup (Seasonal Items).

The thing about these changes is that, in our experience, Aldi rarely announces them. It just sort of happens. That’s the way, for example, that it happened with the introduction of ALDI Finds. At some point in 2017, the name simply changed.

The newest lingo change is Aldi’s Double Guarantee. The Double Guarantee, you probably know, is Aldi’s promise to replace the product and refund the price of any food product a customer is not 100% satisfied with. The Double Guarantee applies to non-alcoholic, Aldi house brand food items, and does not cover “non-quality related issues,” so if you’re trying to get a refund for a something you intentionally set on fire, it’s not going to happen. (You may still be able to get a refund for certain non-food items under Aldi’s return policy.)

Those terms and conditions haven’t changed, but the name has. On the Aldi U.S. website, it’s now called the Twice as Nice Guarantee.


Twice as Nice

The new logo. (Credit:

How new is this change? We couldn’t give you a date — Aldi, again, rarely announces these things — but all the items we purchased this week at Aldi have the old Double Guarantee logo, so this change appears to be in the early stages of rollout. It’s possible Aldi may make a more formal announcement to avoid confusion, but for now, just know that if you see packaging with the Twice as Nice logo, know that it’s covered the same as before … just with a new name.

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  1. Is there is typo? It says here that it does not apply to food butthe website says “The Twice as Nice Guarantee does not apply to non-food ALDI items, alcohol, national brands and non-quality related issues. “

  2. It only applies to non food…? I don’t believe that’s correct. I’ve returned (and seen other people return) food before with the same policy.

  3. You’re both right. It was a typo on my part. I corrected it in the post.

  4. I returned a bag of dog food my dog didn’t like Sept 14 ! The cashier gave me back $6.& change . I asked about the double guarantee …. He said only on produce and I asked why the bag said double guarantee,not so Happy …. What is up with this ?

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