Hinkler Pull Tab Books

With my school district announcing a few weeks ago that everyone will start the year remotely, I’ve been picking up educational supplements here and there at Aldi to help my kids as they learn at home. A few weeks ago, Aldi sold school readiness supplies that included flash cards, dry erase boards, counting sticks, and workbooks. This week, Aldi offered pull tab books in different elementary subjects.

Hinkler Pull Tab Books

Hinkler Pull Tab Books cost $3.99 each at the time of publication. They are Aldi Finds (Special Buys), which means they’re only in stores for a short time.

The books are available in four subject areas: times tables, spelling, math, or phonics.

The books were printed and manufactured in China.

Hinkler is a company based in Australia, and it sells different products — coloring books, activity books, fiction, puzzles, craft kits, educational supplies, how-to books, nonfiction, journals, and more — at a variety of retailers, including Target, Costco, Half Price Books, Five Below, and more.

Hinkler Pull Tab Books

The back cover of the times tables book. (Click to enlarge.)

Each of these pull tab books has seven sturdy board book-type pages (with educational material on the front and back of each page as well as on some of the inside covers) and includes a wipe-clean pen with a foam eraser.

Hinkler Pull Tab Books

Some of the inside pages of the times table book. (Click to enlarge.)

I purchased the times table book. It features a page covering each of the multiplication facts from 1s through 12s. There is space to write the answer, and a pull tab at the bottom of each page reveals the answers.

Some of the final pages have review problems with answers behind the pull tabs, and there’s a times tables summary chart on the inside of the back cover to help kids quickly calculate an answer or check their work.

Hinkler Pull Tab Books

Review problems and a times tables chart on the final pages. (Click to enlarge.)

The pages are easy to write on with the included pen, and the eraser works well, although it does sometimes pop out of the pen, which my kids say they’ve experienced before with pens like this, so it doesn’t bother them.

My incoming third grader immediately began practicing some of the easier problems when I brought this book home, and I expect it to be a good supplement as we go through the school year. Because the book has hard pages to write on, it might also be a good option to take on road trips as it takes up little space and doesn’t require a table or desk in order to use it.

The Verdict:

Hinkler Pull Tab Books help kids learn spelling, phonics, basic math, and times tables. I purchased the times tables book, and it features sturdy, easy-to-write on pages and comes with a pen with attached eraser (basically a dry erase marker). The tabs are easy to pull to reveal answers to problems, and I like the helpful times table chart at the back of the book. Recommended.

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