Huntington Home Reversible Porch Sign

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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For as far back as I can remember, Americans have set out seasonal décor at different times of the year, both inside and out. Easter baskets emerge in the spring. American flags hang from flag stands and dot gardens in the summer. Pumpkins and spooky decorations pop out in the fall. And Christmas trees, wreaths, and strands of lights mark winter.

At some point, reversible wooden porch signs started to become a thing. You recognize them when you see them — they’re fairly tall, sit vertically, and have some seasonally appropriate words on them. What’s more, the signs have different words on the back, so you can use either side depending on what words you like the best. Or, if you really want, you can get two of them and have both signs going all at once.

Aldi keeps its pulse on décor trends, so I wasn’t too surprised to see the German supermarket start stocking porch signs at select times of the year.

A Huntington Home Reversible Porch Sign shortly after we bought it.

The Huntington Home Reversible Porch Sign is an Aldi Find, which means its only in stores for a limited time. Once it’s gone, you won’t be able to find it in stores until it comes back, and you can’t order it online. And since not all Aldi Finds come back, if you see it and you want it, you may want to go ahead and pick it up.

At the time of this post, the porch signs cost $14.99. The sign prices have fluctuated a little over the years but have generally ranged from $13-15 depending on the sign and season. You can also find reversible signs at places like Amazon or Walmart, but they’re a lot more expensive. If a porch sign is your thing, Aldi offers the best price I can find.

Aldi sells these signs during the spring and the fall, with different words and art on them to reflect the season. Often, one side is season-specific while the other side is often a little more season-neutral. That means you can sometimes keep these signs out during other parts of the year depending on your tastes.

They stand about 4 feet (48 inches) tall and come with a rope at the top to make it a little easier to pick them up and move them or hang them. The wood is thin and is painted but doesn’t appear to be sealed with a lacquer or anything like that. The end result is a sign that has a simple outdoorsy appearance but isn’t necessarily built for many years in the elements.

Our sign after 1 year.

We got about two years out of our porch sign. Because one side of ours was more season-neutral, we kept it out during all times of year, including in the winter and summer. (It goes without saying that if we’d brought it in when it wasn’t autumn — the season one side of it was made for — we could have probably made it last longer.) Our sign sat under an awning where it was out of the way of precipitation, but it was also exposed to all the wild temperature changes, humidity, and sunlight that come with living in the Midwest.

As you can see in the video below, after a while our sign was starting to warp and bow. That was the point when we decided it was time to retire it.

The Verdict:

The Huntington Home Reversible Porch Sign offers a stylish and inexpensive way to accent your porch or other spot during specific seasons of the year. Our sign lasted a couple of years being under an outside awning every day, but you might get more life out of one if you bring it inside during the off-season or if you’re okay with it bowing a little over time. Overall, these are worth a look if you’re wanting to add a little life to one of your home spaces.

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