Gardenline Garden Clogs + Serra Ladies Flats

Last Updated on September 19, 2018

This week Aldi is advertising two types of shoes for women in its Special Buys: Gardenline Garden Clogs and Serra Ladies Flats. Both types are selling for $6.99, which is a bargain for any type of shoe. Other than the price, however, they have nothing in common.

Gardenline Garden Clogs

Gardenline Garden Clogs

Gardenline Garden Clogs

I bought the clogs in a size 7/8, since they don’t come in more specific sizes. Normally I wear an 8, so I was concerned that these might be a little small. I bought the blue color, but they come in other colors, too, and a variety of sizes.

I didn’t have to worry that they were too small. In fact, they’re a little big on me and would work well with socks or barefoot. I don’t expect a precise fit with garden clogs, and I don’t plan on walking miles in them, so I don’t mind that they’re a tad bit loose.

The sole is nice and thick, and the outside is definitely mud-proof. They come with a removable insole, so if they were too tight, I could take that out for more space. I think if I were a size 7, though, they’d probably be too loose.

They seem durable and well-constructed. They won’t win any fashion awards, but they’ll keep me clean and dry when I’m working in my garden this spring.

Serra Ladies Flats

Serra Ladies Flats

Serra Ladies Flats

The flats are a different story. I bought a size 8, since, again, that’s my normal size. They only have solid black in the print advertisement, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of other colors, including tan with black accents, and black with a floral pattern. I’m a sucker for flowers, so I bought the floral pattern. It also looked more flexible and comfortable than the tan pair, which has a stiff toe.

These advertise a memory foam insole and flexible fit. They are flexible, and the insole is thin (as flats usually are) but soft and squishy enough to be comfortable. The outer sole looks thick enough to last more than one season, if you primarily wear them indoors, but it’s definitely a flat and not a wedge.

But the problem is they are much too small for me. When I put them on at home, I could barely walk in them: my toes felt squished, and my toenails were scraping the edge of the shoe. No thank you! I will take them back and try them in a 9, but my fear is that they will be too big. They don’t come in half-sizes, unfortunately.

The Verdict:

At $6.99 per pair, Aldi’s Special Buy Gardenline Garden Clogs and Serra Ladies Flats are bargains, but only if they fit. The homely-but-practical clogs have a lot of give and can fit a variety of sizes. But the prettier flats are a tougher fit, and you will probably need to size up.

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