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Aldi seems to know how to get the internet’s heart aflutter over certain things, wine apparently being one of them. Likewise, Aldi’s got plenty going on for Valentine’s Day that’s attracted the attention of foodie blogs and wine aficionados alike.

One of the big attractions this V-Day is chocolate wine. And, interestingly enough, Aldi is selling, not one, but two different versions.

Petit Chocolat Wine Specialty

Petit Chocolate Wine Specialty

This is an Aldi Seasonal Wine, which means that, like Aldi’s non-alcoholic Seasonal Favorites, it’s in stores for a window of time and may be replenished during that time. According to Aldi, Petit Chocolat comes in a 750-ml bottle and is a product of Germany.

Aldi’s product description reads:

Petit Chocolat is a perfect synergy of red wine with dark chocolate flavor and finest cream. The rich and creamy chocolate flavor makes this wine specialty a delightful dessert on its own or as a perfect companion to all kind of chocolate creations and ice creams. Best served chilled.

Over at Kitchn, Lisa Freedman loves it, writing, “This stuff is legit good. I want to say it tastes like a chocolatey Baileys Irish Cream, but I have to honestly admit that I can’t remember the last time I’ve had Baileys. So let’s just say it tastes like a chocolatey version of what you think Baileys tastes like. It’s rich, smooth, and indulgent.”

Tastings, meanwhile, awards a silver medal to the wine, observing: “Creamy brown color. Aromas and flavors of chocolate cream pie and nutella on toast with a bright, sweet medium-to-full body and a medium-long finish with accents of chocolate and vanilla custard cone, praline, spiced raisins, and pepper. A fun and lively sweet chocolate wine.”

The Chocolate Cellar Chocolate Red Wine

The Chocolate Cellar Chocolate Red Wine

Unlike the Petit Chocolat, this version is an ALDI Find (Special Buy), meaning that once it’s gone, it’s gone, probably until the next Valentine’s Day season. According to Aldi, in this wine, “dark fruit flavors and decadent dark chocolate unfold.” Aldi notes that it pairs with pastries, biscotti, fruits and desserts.

The Chocolate Cellar Chocolate Red Wine is the product of Precept Wine, a large privately owned wine company based out of Seattle, Washington.

The Verdict:

We haven’t tried either of them, but we’d certainly love to hear from people who have. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. LeighAnne Standifer

    The Chocolate Cellar is too dry for me but the flavor is exquisite. If you like dry this is for you. I expected it to be at least semi sweet especially with the chocolate but it taste more like cocoa powder than anything else.

  2. I love this wine. I make a dessert of it on ice, add some almond milk and a topper of whipped cream. It is good on it’s own as well.

  3. Love this wine. Picked it up on a whim. Love the chocolate taste combined with the deep red wine. I will try to get more before its gone.

  4. The Petite Cocolat is awesome! It’s different, but delicious. All five of us enjoyed it. Definitely will get this again!

  5. I bought ‘The Chocolate Cellar’ out of curiosity and am glad I did. It is a bit sweeter than what I usually drink (Cabernet Sauvignon) but the chocolate and red wine combo is delicious. I’m super disappointed to read it’s a special buy instead of regularly stocked and hope it comes around again.

  6. Love the Petit Chocolat but I wish it was easier to open!

  7. How long does it stay fresh if chilled?

  8. Chocolate Cellar red wine with dark chocolate flavor is the best. We were able to find it in Aldi’s in FL the last two years on our trip south (wine not available in PA Aldi’s) and enjoyed it very much. No one has been able to find it in Aldi’s in FL or Ohio this year. So disappointed. Hope it comes back next year!

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