Season’s Choice Hash Brown Patties

Last Updated on August 10, 2021

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated December 2018 with updated information about our experience with different cooking methods.

We have previously sung the praises of Aldi’s good impersonation of a fast food breakfast. Aldi has all of the components for a quality hot first meal, including a few options for bacon, good bread for toast, and some truly excellent sausage.

In the hash brown category, Aldi delivers a couple of Regular Buy options. One is shredded hash browns, which can be cooked in the skillet to give your meal a Bob Evans-style look. Alternatively, you can grab these hash brown patties out of the Aldi frozen section:

Season's Choice Hash Brown Patties

Either form of hash brown is a good option for breakfast, but we think the patties hold an edge over the shredded variety for two reasons. One, the patties cook up with a little less fuss and attention. Two, the portions are more clear, so it’s easier to figure out how much to make.

So let’s talk about the patties.

Making them is not hard, although, depending on your method, they can take a little time. If you have and use a deep fryer, they take no more than the time to heat the oil plus a few minutes.

If you use the other listed method, an oven, it will take longer. We’ve noticed over the years that Aldi hash brown patties have gone through tweaks in their oven baking instructions. As of December 2018, they take 15-20 minutes cooking at 450 degrees. Even so, be sure to read the directions carefully, expect the hash browns to take a little bit of time if you use an oven, and expect to flip them once during the process.

We’ve used both the oven method and the deep fryer method. Deep frying them tastes fantastic, and about as authentic to a restaurant hash brown as you’ll find. Baking is a close runner-up; they’re crisp and they taste excellent. Baking is probably a bit healthier for you, so it is generally the method I recommend.

Like most hash browns, they benefit from a little seasoning. I like to sprinkle a bit of salt on mine, but you can season them in all kinds of ways, and they are marvelous alongside eggs.

The Verdict:

Season’s Choice Hash Brown Patties are simple to cook and they taste great. A perfect addition to any hot Saturday morning breakfast. Just be sure to read the directions carefully, as Aldi does change them from time to time. Otherwise, highly recommended.

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  1. They taste nothing like the original version Aldys used to sell. The originals tasted like the patties purchased at Hardees or McDonalds. The next version the patties would not hold together and the flavor was lousy. The newest version is practically burnt around the edges just to get them to hold together and the flavor is still lousy.

  2. if you could take a snap of nutritional information and ingredients, that would be really helpful as well. thanks. great site.

    • You are right , by the way i bought it ,the major positive difference is it has 3% saturated fat on its label of nutrition facts ,while for other brands , it is about 10%

  3. I have found that if i put it in the microwave for about 1 minute to defrost it, i can then put it into a toaster for about a minute or two and it comes out nice and crispy. I couldn’t stand to wait 20 minutes for 1 hash brown and this method serves me well.

  4. Thank you! I just bought these and was unsure. Guess ill save them for the kids

  5. I’ve found that these potato patties taste much better if baked in a convection oven. They brown up very nicely and seem less greasy than when frying them in a skillet or on electric griddle. We often have eggs and sausages or bacon for dinner and these hash brown patties complement the meal perfectly. They’ve become a staple at our house.

  6. I bake them on a pizza tray with holes in it. they cook in 1/2 the time and are crisp

    • Great idea, Tammy
      I will try that and finish this message right after

      well it worked. Golden brown and crisp crisp crisp
      Thanks for the cooking tip, Tammy!!!!

  7. I also must say that I may buy a few packages of these for winter and if we get the second bout of covid people are so worried about it would be nice to have extras in case people stockpile and leave nothing in stores again

  8. I’ve cooked these on a pan in coconut oil and in the oven. They are delicious. I just ate two from the stovetop. I now have two more this time baking in the oven. Love these.

  9. To spruce up these potato patties a bit I like to top them (after baking) with beef or turkey gravy, or sometimes chili sauce (not ketchup). Cayenne pepper sauce is not out of the question either.

  10. These used to be my favorite hashbrowns, but in the past several months, the taste is changed. They taste like the oil in them is rancid. I couldn’t even swallow one bite. What did you do Aldi?

  11. Too oily.

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