Specially Selected Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries

As soon as Halloween is over, Aldi begins to aggressively make shelf space for its vast array of holiday products, ranging from gourmet chocolates to Advent calendars to specialty items like chocolate covered cranberries.

chocolate covered cranberries

Today, we’re taking a look at Aldi’s Specially Selected Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries, which were among the first wave of holiday Special Buy items to make their way to our local store shelves.

These are a cousin to Aldi’s Regular Buy dried cranberries, which are lunchbox staples in our house.  The only difference, of course, is that these cranberries are covered in decadent dark chocolate. They’re still great for the lunchbox. They also taste similar to Aldi’s Regular Buy chocolate covered raisins, except that these are cranberries.

The Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries come in a 12.1-ounce package with a symbol indicating the product contains Fair Trade Certified Cocoa. The fine print on the back of the container states that the cranberries contain “31% fair trade ingredients.”

The package includes about eight servings, at 170 calories per serving, with eight grams of fat and 22 grams of sugar per serving. Because we’re talking about fruit, and because the cranberries are covered in better-for-you dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate, I’m going to assume that these are a fairly smart choice as a snack, as long as you control your portion sizes.

As for taste, I’m not generally a fan of dried cranberries or even of chocolate covered raisins, but these chocolate covered cranberries are covered with a generous coating of chocolate, which goes a long way toward making them palatable.

The Verdict:

If you like dried cranberries or if you like chocolate covered raisins, you’ll enjoy Aldi’s Specially Selected Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries. Even if you don’t care for dried cranberries or raisins, these cranberries are covered in so much chocolate you may actually like them. Recommended.

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  1. Margie Reznicek

    I love those Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries!!! They are not at my Aldi’s any longer so I wonder if I could possibly order them!!??

    Please let me know!!! Thank you!

    • They are a Special Buy so, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until they come back in the ad. 🙁

      • Margie Reznicek

        Thank you very much , Joshua!! I shop at Aldi’s regularly so will watch for them to return as you said. I appreciate your response!!!


  2. They are back…both the CRANBERRY and CHERRY dark chocolate covered ones (NOV 2021)!

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