Auto XS Car or SUV Cover: Size Charts

This week the Aldi ads are featuring car and SUV covers under the Auto XS brand line. One of the things we noticed was that the ad said to visit for sizing information … but when we went there, we had a hard time finding sizing information. Now, that information can readily be found on the boxes for the respective sizes, but if you want to see the Aldi car cover size charts the company has on their website, we’ve got them below.

(We advise double-checking these with the boxes before finalizing a purchase.)

We haven’t had a chance to review the Aldi car covers, but if you have experience with them, let us know in the comments!

The Auto XS Car Cover and Auto XS SUV Cover both are priced at $14.99. They come in five sizes: Large, Extra Large, SUV Small, SUV Medium, and SUV Large.

Click on any of the images to view them full sized.

Car Cover: Large


Car Cover: Extra Large


SUV Cover: Small


SUV Cover: Medium


SUV Cover: Large



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  1. Just had to throw my Aldi Auto XS car cover away after less than a year of use. These are no good after they have been subjected to the sun for such a short period as they deteriorate VERY rapidly n end up tearing very easily. So now on the hunt for a replacement and it defo won’t be an Aldi special that’s for sure!! Would love to know the g.tee on them as cant go on replacing them in less than a year all the time.

    • Sorry to hear that. Thanks for sharing; we haven’t had a chance to try them ourselves, so it’s good to hear some firsthand experience.

      • I wonder why he would use this in the sun,when the have smaller winder shades. But now for winter use it’s great I am on my 3rd year using mine and I sure would get another one if they had they for sale there again. We just had 2 storms, the 1st 8 inches wet heavy snow and the 2nd was first sleet then snow, I brushed my car off just as if it was just the car and it came off pretty easy,. The second worked just as well, and because I am here alone it was a little harder then if there was 2 of us doing it. I didn’t use the straps and we had high winds and it stayed in place. I love it. I live in Wis.where you never know what the winter will be like.
        They didn’t have them there so far this year.

      • Love mine. Faded somewhat, otherwise in good shape. Are these still available? Need another for small truck and replacement of the XL that I have

    • They’re $20 bucks people what do you want?!!! I love mine and am looking for another because I’m sure it won’t last for years and years but I bought it to cover a side by side and it’s perfect! Looking for another one!!!!

      • Mine lasted January 2023 until March I bought 4 and only one is half decent the other 3 shredded and the straps broke , not even 3 months and they aren’t the dark blue they are faded to a grayish purple I’m going to my aldi and show pics of this trash. I spent about 70 bucks they should last at least a year yes but 3 months nah nah i don’t think so.

    • It doesnt matter any make of car covers they all seem to fail in less than a year. I bought car covers from Amazon same problem. But these seem to last alot longer. they are cheap but work better. Hard to find at ALDIs. When they are available I buy all of them. Better looking than putting a tarp on your car. lol

  2. Last winter I bought a seat warmer for my car. It had a 3 year warrant. This is the second year of use and it has stopped heating. What should I do?

    • Do you still have the manual? You might try calling the after-sales support number in it. That would be a place to start.

    • They will more likely ask for your receipt (of which you more likely won’t still have), but if you bought it via a card payment and can prove this, then they should honour it’s wty. If not, try to find out the suppliers details and go to them direct. I’ve done this myself when I’ve gotten nowhere with the store and it’s turned up fruitful 😉

    • Sometimes these items use a fuse fitted generally inside the cigarette lighter plug attached. These are only pence from your local Maplins/car accessory store n piece of cake to fit! Try looking for that first. Also, if you’ve lost your instructions, Google them as 9/10, someone will have uploaded them.

  3. I bought a SUVL cover from Aldi’s & it started tearing within 6 mths after usage outside. Very dissatisfied. It’s Made in China Serial NO 072015, Model No SUVL-POLY

    • So, looks like I’M not the only one with a gripe about the quality of these covers. Aldi NEED to honour a free replacement as they are obviously not fit for purpose n might as well use a cheap n nasty tarp as would probably do a better job too!

  4. If you are instead of using the same cover for indoor and outdoor, pay for separate covers.

  5. The cover info claims the cover to be water repellent and yet it still allows rain to seep through. Anyone else experience this.

  6. I bought an Auto XS Full Size Car Cover from Aldi intending to leave my car covered for a few moths in the UK whilst I was abroad.
    On opening and seeing the instructions it states that the cover should no be used for lond periods and should be removed every 5 days .
    If I had known this I would not have bought it in the first place.

  7. Joshua do you have a sales support phone number from the 11/2016 Aldi car cover special buy $34.99 in Melbourne Australia, would be on the packaging Aldi unable to give me a number for the manufacturer.
    Thanks Dave

  8. I wish I would have read these comments before buying this product. Mine also is falling apart only after two months..

  9. Hi, could you be so kind to give me the link of Auto xs battery charger and jump start FC-12D manual in english. It’s really impossible to find it anywhere.
    Thanks for your attention.

  10. Alexandra Scavnicky

    How can I get instructions for my autoxs seat covers. None were in the box and I just can’t figure it out.

  11. Its really nice. Thanks for sharing this article with us. This size charts help me for buy covers.

  12. Excess car seat cushion for my new equinox 2019. All it said on the cardboard wrapped around it was that it fits most sizes so I figured if it doesn’t fit I’ll just return it. I just put them on and I’m delighted with how they look. It has a little red/on them which add some pizzazz to it. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to wrinkle like many car seat covers do. Now I realize they may not last forever but at that price I don’t care. If they last even a year I’ve got my money back. The chart listed at this site does not even mention Equinox in its description and I’m not sure why because it fits fine. I just wanted something to protect for now the new seat cushions. The only thing is I didn’t quite understand is what to do with the short elastic ties that are in the front with the hooks. I found something to hook them onto on the passenger seat but it was more difficult on the driver seat, And I’m still not sure if they’re hooked in the “right” place so I’m not sure I really have them in secure. I saw the instructions finally on the inside of the cardboard wrap but even those did not explain what to properly do with those little hooks. It did say something about vehicles with seat frame coverings is standard in the rear. Does that mean that The seat cover can be used for two of the seats in the backseat bench? If so I’d like to buy two more but I don’t know how I would attach them in the back seat of the car.

  13. PS. As usual my phone changes words on me. Should not say excess should say I bought This car seat. One more thing somewhere I read about XS car seats being made in the US however it does say right on the wrapper that it is made in China. I bought it anyway although I would prefer buying In the Made in the US. Also if XS does make a backseat car cushion I would like to know where to purchase one. Or can ALDI also purchase them?

  14. Bought this cover to cover collectible car that is kept in garage. Perfect to keep dust off and prevent fade from the windows. Not sure it is sturdy enough to be in direct sun, rain, snow.

  15. Rodney A Conatser

    My question as to the windshield frost cover is: Do you put the shiny side out, with the tag, or the material facing outwards, tag down? It would seem the shiny side should go out and the frost or snow slide off it easier, but it seems like the tag should be underneath and not visible. Thanks!

  16. The AutoXS car covers are definately not for outside use even if it says it on the package. I bought one fall 2019 for an SUV I dont drive in winter only summer. SUV came out in March put on the brand new cover and the cover faded and self tore by July in the Chicagoland burbs. Other cars with same cover are indoors and doing ok. AutoXS didnt use UV safe polyester. Shame as covers are thin but nice otherwise.

  17. I have a 1970 Monte and a 2016 SS Camaro and I LOVE these car covers! They are waterproof and the straps keep it on in a wind storm. That said these are not full winter covers more like a windbreaker material and I would not use them for exclusive outdoor winter protection. When I have to pull the cars out and they are sitting for a few days in the elements, yeah buddy these are awesome For 15 to 20 bucks they are worth it!

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