In the Pink Moscato

Last Updated on October 2, 2020

Many people who drink wine start out with Moscato since they are very sweet and most humans like sugary drinks. If you are going to an outdoor party and you bring a Moscato there is a good chance it will go over very well with the party guests.

Over time many wine drinkers start trying drier wines and some never go back to sweet wines. There was a period after I started exploring wines when I refused to drink Moscatos since they were so sweet, but I will still drink one depending on my mood, the weather, or what I’m eating.

Aldi has the In the Pink Moscato, or as most Aldi fans call it, The Pink Moscato. For some stores it’s a Regular Buy and for others it’s an Aldi Find, which happens to be what it is at my store in Central Wisconsin. What makes this such a big hit with Aldi wine drinkers is that the bottle is 1.5 liters, which is double the size of a normal wine bottle, but it only costs $7.95.

In the Pink Moscato

And in regard to the bottle’s label, it is reminiscent of the logo for Victoria’s Secret’s Pink brand. Combine the size of the bottle, the price, and the label, and it makes it perfect for pregaming before a Ladies Night Out or Bachelorette party!

From the Label:

In the Pink Moscato ALC 7% by Vol.
Origin: South Africa
Taste: Sweet
Style: Medium-Bodied
Notes: Aromas and flavors of strawberry, tropical fruits, and melon lead to a sweet, refreshing finish
Food: Enjoy as an aperitif, with fruit salads, desserts, or on its own with friends
Temp.: Best when served chilled

In the Pink Moscato

The label. (Click to enlarge.)

The first thing you notice about the In the Pink Moscato after being poured into a wine glass is that it has a gradient that goes from light pink to a pinky-orange, which makes it look like a sunset.

It has a very sweet smell, which is common in Moscato. The aroma makes me think of strawberries, but I think that’s because I am viewing something pink. When I take a deeper sniff it has a bit of a peachy scent to it as well. It has a light, delicate aroma and doesn’t have an alcohol smell, which may also be very appealing to those who don’t drink wine often or are just starting their wine journey.

It feels a bit thicker on the tongue, but not unpleasant, and it’s not nearly as sweet as it smells. I am actually shocked at this, and it really is more medium-bodied like the label says. While I thought of strawberries and peaches when I smelled it, the Moscato has more of a sweet orange and watermelon taste.

The Verdict:

I am actually really impressed with the In the Pink Moscato, but for those who only drink Moscato, they may not find this one sweet enough. Or it may be the transition wine that helps them start drinking drier ones. I could see myself buying it if I had an outdoor party or a large book club to go to, and I can see why a lot of people really love it.

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  1. Do they still make Pink?

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