Announcing: An Unofficial Guide to Shopping at Aldi

Not long after we launched Aldi Reviewer, we began kicking around the notion of a book. Where Aldi Reviewer was primarily about product reviews, the book would be about shopping at Aldi. Our goal was to create something that would help newcomers navigate the strange and awesome Aldi experience, while also providing a few tips for veteran Aldi shoppers.

Over the past months we’ve been working on that little book, and now that it’s nearly done, we can lift the lid on it:

An Unofficial Guide to Shopping at Aldi: Tips, Tricks, & Resources will launch in late spring / early summer on Amazon, with other vendors and formats possible later on. (In case you’re wondering: we’re not currently planning a paperback, but that could change.)

We’ll have more to say on this in the weeks to come. In the meantime, feel free to head over to our newly launched book page to learn more.

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Joshua is the Co-founder of Aldi Reviewer. He is also a writer and novelist. You can learn more about him at

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