Appleton Farms Premium Pork Sausage

We like to rave about Aldi breakfast foods around here. From the earliest days of our site, we’ve talked about the many ways Aldi wins at the first meal of the day, be it cold or hot foods. We’re especially big fans of Aldi sausage, which comes in both precooked and uncooked varieties.

There are times when we need sausage for individual servings, which makes the links and patties an ideal option. Other times, though, we need a larger quantity of sausage for a larger dish, and that’s when the famed sausage roll comes into play.

Appleton Farms Premium Pork Sausage is a Regular Buy, which means you can find it in stores year-round. It comes in a roll much like the ones you see at other grocers, with metal clips holding the plastic wrapper together at both ends.

If you want to cook the sausage for individual consumption, the package does offer a pan fry method. You slice the sausage into patties of desired thickness, then place them in a cold skillet with two tablespoons of water. Covering the skillet, you simmer until the water evaporates, then remove the cover and cook the sausages until they reach an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees.

For the sake of convenience, we prefer using more pre-made patties or links for individual portions, but we do like using this pork sausage in other recipes. For example, we will often use this sausage to make biscuits and gravy. Here’s our recipe:

  • Fry up the entire roll in a large skillet, using a spatula to break up the sausage into small bits. Drain the sausage.
  • In a separate bowl, thoroughly mix 4 cups of milk with 1/2 cup of flour.
  • Pour the milk / flour combination into the sausage. Cover and simmer until the liquid begins to bubble and thicken, stirring occasionally.
  • Serve over biscuits.

In all cases — be it individual servings or recipes — we find this Aldi sausage to be perfect for the job. It’s got flavor but isn’t overly spicy, and it cooks up easily. Nutritionally, it’s got more than its share of fat and sodium, but that isn’t much different than most other sausage rolls you’d get at other grocers.

The Verdict:

As sausage rolls go, you’re hard-pressed to go wrong with Appleton Farms. It cooks up easily, tastes great, and does all of that for less than name-brand stuff. Recommended.

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  1. I’m trying to find out if Appleton Premium Sausage roll has garlic in it due to an allergy to garlic. Can you help with this?

  2. Does this taste heavily like breakfast sausage or can I use it in recipes that call for ground pork? Namely, I found a recipe for deconstructed egg rolls using ground pork and rice noodles. If it’s laden with maple and sage flavors it probably won’t work out very well. 😀

  3. This is typically my “go-to” sausage – it’s lean and very tasty. However, the latest package had so much gristle, it was almost inedible. I hope this was just a one-time thing.

  4. Sorry to say, something is wrong with the pork sausage we have been receiving at our store for the past year. While cooking, it smells like…feces. The smell in the meat goes away once it’s totally cooked and it tastes fine but the cooking odor permeates the kitchen and other rooms until the apartment is aired out. The children have complained about the odor but I know the meat is not expired and I’ve cooked it as soon as the next morning. I’ve reported the problem to the Aldi online with all the pertinent package & packing plant information but no response from Aldi so I’ve stopped buying it.

    • UPDATE: the meat plant must have corrected their processing after my, and maybe other’s, complaints. I’ve bought the sausage at different times the past couple of months and it consistently tastes fine now. It does have oil residue while cooking but easy to pour off into a empty soup can so it can be thrown away.

  5. Did they recently change the recipe to this? It seems spicier and more fat in recent months. This has been a staple so I’m surprised if it hasn’t changed

  6. One reason I think the recipe has changed is that my son who is sensitive to spices recently started spitting it out saying it’s too spicy. He hasn’t complained until recently. And my other kids agree with me that it tastes less mild.

    Another reason I think the recipe changed is that there’s more fat left in the pan after I cook it.

    Dallas Texas

    • Not long after my posts, this sausage seemed to return to its original recipe. No longer too spicy or too fatty.

      Thanks Aldi. Still a staple on our shopping list!

  7. Quite disappointed. Off putting aroma while sautéing, salty with a little spice when cooked but virtually no “Italian hot sausage” flavor. Threw it out. Just an awful lump of offal. Yuck!

  8. I have used Appleton Premium Sausage for years, but the last couple times I have used it I have found the fat, that is cooked of the meat, is a whole lot more than ever before! I used to be able to absorb the amount of fat with a paper towel…now I have to spoon of the liquified fat with a spoon…at least 1/2 cup or more. I am not a happy consumer. Before I would have given a 5 star rating.

  9. Not sure what’s going on. I have bought this sausage for the last two years for my deli. Everyone has really raved when they come back. But this last case I bought is not frying up right. We cook the internal temperature to health code here in Virginia which 155 degrees. It is still pink inside. So I had my cooks cook it till it was 220 internal and it’s still pink inside. Burnt outside but pink inside.

  10. Just bought this and now throwing it out. Too many “bits” of unedible pieces. yuck.

    Flavor was good but just can’t see choking this down. How come sausuge patties from McDonalds or other does not have all the crap in it? where can I find a good consumer product that can compete!

  11. I don’t get the instructions to put water in the pan. The other brand of tube sausage I’ve cooked is Jimmy Dean, with no such instruction. I’ve cooked two tubes of Alditon Farms now, the first with water, the second without. It seems completely unnecessary.

  12. Jim, although it’s not “required”, it’s usually suggested to add the water for uncooked pork to insure that it’s cooked through. Also, sometimes the sausage can seem “dry” if simply browned without the water, as it takes longer to cook through. Ultimately, either way will work!

  13. By reading some of these comments it seems it’s become a trial and error experiment with the taste and contents.

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