Breakfast Best Sausage and Cheese Pita Sandwiches

Last Updated on May 23, 2024

EDITOR’S NOTE: These used to be an everyday Regular Buy at Aldi, but they currently appear to be an occasional limited-time Aldi Find

Joshua also contributed to this post.

Apparently the theme for my summer (besides “let’s spend money on travel”) is “let’s eat frozen pocket sandwiches.” I recently reviewed the liveGfree line of pocket sandwiches, and now my attention has turned to breakfast.

I have a tall, gangly, almost-11 year old boy at home who is Always. Hungry. (I even bought him a t-shirt with an open shark mouth that says “Always Hungry,” and he thinks it’s hilarious.) He’s hungry when he wakes up. He’s hungry before he goes to bed. He’s hungry every hour on the hour, except when he’s asleep. He’s constantly rummaging through my well-stocked pantry and fridge and declaring, “There’s NOTHING TO EAT!” before promptly eating two or three snacks in a row.

Breakfast is a bit of a sticking point between us because he wants to start snacking at 7a.m., and I’m trying to convince him that he’d be less hungry (read: less cranky) between breakfast and lunch if he got a little protein in his belly before filling it with crackers. I wanted something quick and easy and filling that he could make for himself (since at 7 a.m. I’m still stumbling around in a pre-coffee haze) to break him of his early morning cracker habit. BUT he doesn’t like eggs, so that limits my options.

Enter Breakfast Best Sausage and Cheese Pita Sandwiches.

The Breakfast Best Pita Sandwiches come in two varieties: Breakfast Best Sausage and Cheese Pita Sandwiches and Breakfast Best Egg and Cheese Pita Sandwiches.

Packaging: A Bit Deceptive

Each “sandwich” is really just half of a sandwich — half of a sausage patty plus half a piece of cheese wrapped in half of a small pita pocket. The packaging is a little deceptive that way: the cover art shows two half-sandwiches, stacked. It implies that they cut open a single sandwich to show you the layers of sausage and cheese. But the cover is actually showing you two separate sandwiches, not one sandwich cut in half. Suddenly your 6-pack of sandwiches becomes a 3-pack of whole sandwiches.

The half-sandwich size is great for me, because I’m not a rapidly growing preteen boy. But for him, it’s not enough food to stave off the hunger monster. Two sandwiches is just right to fill him up and keep him out of the pantry for a few hours. Maybe.


Breakfast Best Pita Sandwich

Pita in plastic. (Click to enlarge.)

The instructions tell you to remove the pita from the plastic wrap, wrap it in a paper towel, and microwave on high for 40 seconds. Forty seconds seems just right for delivering a sandwich that is hot with melted cheese but not overcooked. The box also notes that “the sandwich is perfect when the cheese is just beginning to melt.”

There are no instructions for cooking in an oven / toaster oven or for microwaving more than one at a time. Fellow Aldi Reviewer writer Joshua found that when he cooked three of them at a time, he found that he had to microwave them for an additional 30 seconds (70 seconds total) before they were hot.

Taste and Nutrition

The sandwich tastes great! The sausage is similar to the Breakfast Best Maple Flavored Pork Sausage Patties … but without the maple flavor. The cheese is American-style, so it is mild and melts easily. The pita pocket is chewy but not too bready, which is good. You can really taste the sausage and cheese instead of just getting a mouthful of bread.

Joshua points out, though, that you pay for that taste nutritionally. Each 200 calorie pita has 15g of fat (23% of your daily allowance), 5g of saturated fat (25%), 30mg of cholesterol (10%), and 450mg of sodium (19%). This is not the ideal food if you’re on a low-fat / low-sodium diet, especially if you eat two of them, so be mindful of that if you’re thinking about getting these.

Breakfast Best Pita Sandwich

Nutrition information. (Click to enlarge.)

The Verdict

These sandwiches taste great, warm up very quickly, and are an easy breakfast or lunch for hungry kids (and adults). They get my recommendation. I do wish the picture on the box was clearer about what “one sandwich” actually is, but now that I know, I’ll just buy two boxes next time. And my son will thank me for it.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    We love these breakfast sandwiches but haven’t been able to find them at Aldi’s for about a month or so. No one seems to know what the problem is although they’ve kept a spot open on the freezer shelf. Are you having the same problem where you are?

    • You’re not the only one to mention this. It’s very possible Aldi has discontinued the sandwiches, at least for now.

    • I am having the same problem!! I can’t eat eggs, so am always looking for this type of sandwich or bowl with sausage, bacon, ham, cheese for easy quick tasty breakfast. I bought these at Aldi’s ALL the time and POOF they are totally gone.
      Please bring them back or find another breakfast option BOWLS, Sandwich, Croissants, Hashbrowns, etc. with sausage, bacon, ham, cheese for us Non-Egg eaters.

  2. Where can I purchase Breakfast Best Brand products–>Anderson, SC

    • Many of them are Regular Buys at most Aldi stores. A few are limited finds. (These sandwiches now appear to be limited finds and maybe discontinued altogether.) If you don’t have them in stores, you’ll have to wait until they return again.

  3. i miss those pita breakfast sandwiches Does anyone know where to purchase them??

  4. Found the Pita sausage with cheese at Aldi in central Florida last week but none in the store today. Hope this is not a indication of discontinuation? No sausage ,egg, cheese biscuits, either. Pity. Both are excellent.

  5. I’m desperately trying to find the egg and cheese sandwiches. I found an Aldi’s in Mass that had a few boxes but once they’re out – they’re out! They have the meat and cheese but I don’t really care for breakfast meats – just egg and cheese. It’s so hard to find such a simple thing ! Anyone have any ideas, or ways to contact the manufacturer? It’s the perfect thing for breakfast esp when I’m half asleep!

  6. They are great, but very difficult to find. I am much too busy to run to Aldi everyday to see if they got some in. If anyone knows where to purchase these on a regular basis, I would buy them all the time!

  7. If you find these post it I love them too
    A favorite of ours too!!!

  8. Maybe this is a minor thing, but I just wonder who thought printing the cooking instructions as white on yellow was a good idea? Particularly to the morning bleary-eyed. Why not black ink? It’s elsewhere on the packaging.
    Just sayin’

  9. I guess I will have to make my own breakfast sandwiches. Went to 2 Aldies and they didn’t have anymore. These are so good. Wish they were still selling them.

  10. These appear to be limited-time Aldi Finds now. The weekly Aldi ad says they’ll be in stores the week of May 29th, while supplies last.

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