Can You Return a Product to Aldi Without a Receipt?

Sometimes you make a purchase and it just doesn’t work out. Maybe a shirt doesn’t fit as well as you hoped it would, or you bought the wrong-sized sheets for your bed, or the throw pillows don’t match your couch like you thought they would. Or perhaps you bought an appliance of some sort, and it doesn’t operate correctly.

In most of these cases, you will probably return the merchandise to the store where you purchased it so you can get a refund. When making a return, it’s important to remember to bring your original receipt to streamline the process and to be sure you receive a full refund. However, sometimes receipts get lost, or you forget to bring them to the store with your unwanted merchandise. Then what?

Some stores are fairly generous when it comes to returning products without a receipt. A certain big box store comes to mind. But what about Aldi? Does Aldi take returns without a receipt?

Can You Return a Product to Aldi Without a Receipt?

Yes, Aldi does accept returns without a receipt. Just be aware that Aldi will not give you cash back. Instead, you’ll get store credit.

That’s right. Instead of giving you a cash refund or putting the refund back on your credit card, Aldi will give you a merchandise credit to be used in the store. It’s a small plastic card that looks like a credit or debit card or a gift card, and it’s valid only at Aldi stores.

The return policy page on the Aldi website states: “Please note that a receipt is required to receive a refund in the original form of payment. Customers who do not provide a receipt will receive an ALDI Merchandise Credit gift card equal to the current retail price of the returned item.”

Note that if you don’t have a receipt and an Aldi product you’re returning now has a reduced price or has been clearanced, you will only receive a refund for the dollar amount the item is currently selling for. This is a common policy for most retailers. This is one instance when having your original receipt is best. If the product you’re returning has not been put on sale or clearanced, though, you should be fine.

Putting the Aldi Return Policy to Use:

Can you return a product to Aldi without a receipt?

The merchandise credit I received when I returned a defective vacuum cleaner to Aldi without a receipt.

I recently had the opportunity to obtain an Aldi merchandise credit when I purchased an Easy Home Cordless Cyclonic Stick Vacuum that was dead on arrival. The problem seemed serious enough that instead of trying to work with the company that services the warranty to see if I could get the vacuum fixed, I decided it would be easier to return the vacuum to Aldi for a refund.

I packaged the vacuum back in its original box and made sure to bring it with me when I made my next weekly Aldi shopping trip so I could return it. However, I was so focused on remembering to bring the vacuum with me that I forgot to bring the receipt. I didn’t realize my mistake until I pulled into the Aldi parking lot. Rather than taking the time to drive back home to get the receipt, I decided to see if Aldi would take the vacuum back without my receipt. I entered the store with the boxed vacuum, waited briefly in the checkout line for an available cashier, and then explained the situation.

The cashier gladly processed my return and gave me a small plastic card with a merchandise credit in the amount I had paid for the vacuum. I tucked the card into my wallet and used it to pay for that day’s shopping. Because the vacuum was a more expensive product, I still had some money left on the card and used it up on my next Aldi run. My card was a little scuffed around the edges, so I suspect Aldi reuses these merchandise credit cards for multiple customers, which is fine with me. All told, it was a quick and easy experience getting store credit and using it to pay for groceries. 

Closing Thoughts:

While it’s best if you can return a product to Aldi with your original receipt, Aldi will accept returns without a receipt. They will give you store credit in the form of a plastic card that is good to use in any Aldi store, and it will be for the amount the item is currently retailing for. The cards are simple to use and are handy if you have misplaced or forgotten your receipt.

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  1. I bought 1 beef jerky sunday and was charged for 2. What can I do

  2. Yes, but is there a time limit on receipts? I have a return from Christmas last year that I need to return for size but just never made it in due to the fact that returns at Aldi seem to be a hassle when you have to do it in a regular check out lane thus holding up the line. I wish they had a service desk.

  3. Within the last 2yrs. I returned a portable garment hanging set up, and Aldi’s informed me that without the receipt I could only get 50% of my money back. Sooo, don’t know if it was just that Aldi’s store or if the return policy has changed since then…

    • Most likely the product had been reduced in price to help make room on the shelves for newer merchandise, so without a receipt that proves how much you originally paid, they could only give you a refund for what it was currently selling for.

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