Casa Mamita Restaurant Style Salsa

Last Updated on April 2, 2022

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is for the Aldi Find version of this salsa. Aldi sells a small batch version of the salsa as a Regular Buy, which you can read about right here.

Americanized Mexican food is, like Americanized Chinese food, an ever-popular option for people looking to eat out on a Friday night. For times when you can’t or don’t want to eat out, grocers are more than happy to stock ample supplies to make your own dishes, some of them even branded by restaurants themselves.

Aldi keeps a pretty good Mexican-style lineup across its frozen, refrigerated, and dry shelves. The everyday Regular Buy options are solid in and of themselves, but Aldi also rotates in some fun Special Buys from time to time.

Salsa is a major part of the Aldi inventory. On the Regular Buy front, Aldi stocks a serviceable, if unspectacular Pace imitation in Casa Mamita Chunky Salsa, along with varied fresh salsas in the refrigerated section. On the Special Buy (ALDI Find) front, we’ve seen both fresh and jarred salsas: we’ve previously reviewed the likes of Specially Selected Mild Mango Peach Salsa and Casa Mamita Chipotle Lime Salsa, and we’ve tasted many of Aldi’s other salsas.

Here we take a look at an ALDI Find in a jar.

Casa Mamita Restaurant Style SalsaCasa Mamita Restaurant Style Salsa, at the time we bought it, came in a large 24-ounce jar for $1.89, which is a lot cheaper than restaurant-style salsas we’ve purchased elsewhere. It came in only one spice level, medium. (As a side note, we almost couldn’t find it at our local Aldi before spotting it on an endcap by the cash register on our way out, so check around if you see it in the ad but not in the store.)

On the outside, it doesn’t look all that different from the Regular Buy Casa Mamita Chunky Salsa … but there definitely is a difference on the inside. We weren’t sure how easily we’d find restaurant taste in a jar, but this stuff comes awfully close, with a mix of flavors, and a texture, that isn’t far off the pace from some of the local restaurants we’ve visited. We think it compares favorably to the On the Border jarred salsa, marketed by the restaurant of the same name, that is sold in grocers, and we found the Aldi restaurant salsa to have a more even consistency. We’d like it even more if there were mild and hot versions, too, but all things considered we’re rather impressed.

Nutritionally, there aren’t too many surprises. The salsa has ingredients you expect in salsa, and it is low in calories and a bit high in sodium, like most salsas.

Casa Mamita Restaurant Style Salsa

Nutrition information. Click to enlarge.

The Verdict:

If the aim of this is to produce a decent imitation of a restaurant salsa, it does the job rather nicely. Casa Mamita Restaurant Style Salsa is the real deal, and we think it’s respectable enough to serve at whatever large gatherings you might have. We wish it came in more than just medium heat, and we also wish this was a year-round product rather than a limited-stock ALDI Find, but we’re glad to have what we’ve got. Recommended.

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  1. Very nice sauce. I can eat some hot . but I love mild and I’ll give it a 10***** it stays mild goes sown mild don’t burn after

  2. Colette Weston

    It is the best salsa I have in ages. I love it! Aldi was out of it last time I went and only had the chunky. I was very disappointed. I was craving it! ALDI please keep having the restaurant style salsa. I went through an entire bottle in one week all by myself!

  3. Colette Weston

    Good salsa does not last more than two weeks unless it is full of preservatives. Just saying!

  4. I also wish this salsa were an everyday offering. It’s my favorite store-bought salsa ever. I don’t like chunky salsa at all, so a do-able alternative to me is blitzing a jar of the chunky salsa with an immersion blender.

  5. Casa Mamita is a very good salsa and you can’t beat the price. At the Aldi store I shop at it’s only $1.19 and always in stock. Paired with the Clancy’s torrtilla chips($0.89) and you have a party in your mouth.(and your wallet)

  6. I tested the mild version against Pace today, and the Pace was far more flavorful. In this case it isn’t worth the pennies saved.

  7. Great product – good price! The only salsa I use if I don’t make my own.

  8. Great product – good price! The only salsa I use if I don’t make my own.

  9. I love it, the taste and the consistency. Its a win win…plus its cheap. People above state that that it is seasonal, well guess what. Its “Best By” date is usually a year out, and since it is under 2 bucks, buy a few Jars. Its good as long as you do not open it.

  10. Cal

    This brand is very good I get the medium not the mild they did carry the hot 4 a while but I haven’t seen it since it was very good love the product & price

  11. i have jar of the medium heat casa mamita chunky salsa – worst salsa i have ever seen. I don’t think if i strained out a 24 oz jar maybe would yield 4 oz of small little bits NOT chunks, very thin tomato juice has more body then the tomato puree that is listed as main ingredient, i poured about 5 oz in a bowl it mounded ever so slight then the thin watery juices started to separated out about 3 1/2 tbls in a few minutes. Flavor was nothing special it was maybe a mild as compared to most other brands pennies saved for a salsa you cant even dip and have it stay on a tortilla chip its too runny and made a mess all over ended up pouring it in a bowl eat chip and take a spoon full of watery salsa , so i had tortilla and salsa soup…. maybe this jar was label wrong but in my book i wont buy it again i think the lot number is as follows ( 13321 L 1 13:16 ) did labeling get messed up and its a thin style mild ????

  12. NO, this is possibly one of the worst commercial salsas ever.
    Despite the name, it is not chunky or spicy.
    Frankly a can of chopped, stewed tomatoes with some cooked onion and green pepper would be a close match for this disappointment of a salsa.

  13. Just purchased 36 bottles of Mild Salsa as the price was right. But the last purchase was about 48 bottles and 2 years ago (just finished the last one), I don’t believe this one matches up and as the price has been lowered, something was (in my opinion) left out.

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