Rise of the Small Store Chains

Rise of the Small Stores

When it comes to retail, most people tend to pay attention to the ways in which the internet has transformed how we shop. Thanks in no small part to the online juggernaut Amazon, online shopping is now at least as popular as shopping in person, with most major brick-and-mortar retailers…

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Is Aldi Open For Labor Day?

The first Monday of each September is Labor Day, a holiday tracing its origins to cities in the 1880s before becoming a federal holiday in 1894, under President Grover Cleveland. It’s a popular weekend for many forms of outdoor recreation and is often the last weekend that swimming pools are…

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What are Aldi’s Hours?

What Are Aldi's Hours?

If you’re like us, chances are you’ve realized you’ve needed something and wondered, “Is Aldi open?” This gets especially important around the holidays. This post deals with: Aldi’s regular hours Aldi’s holiday hours Aldi’s Regular Hours Aldi store hours vary by store, but you can find individual store hours over at Aldi’s store…

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It’s Not Aldi’s

There are many stores that are named after people. McDonald’s is named after the McDonald brothers, who founded the restaurant chain in the 1940s. Hardee’s and Carl’s, Jr., subsidiaries of CKE Restaurants, are named after Wilber Hardee and Carl Karcher, respectively. Culver’s is named after Craig Culver, Kohl’s is named…

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