Clancy’s Cheese Melt

Last Updated on January 31, 2019

It’s hard to think of anything more symbolic of the late 20th century than Velveeta. Proudly labeled as a “pasteurized process cheese product” (or “cheese spread,” for those who remember that era), Kraft’s famed block is the epitome of a time when the great inventions were the things that could reduce previously difficult tasks to quick, easy, prefabricated processes. Just like everything in The Jetsons, Velveeta was something you could use to create a full meal in no time.

In recent years, many shoppers have gravitated toward more natural whole foods, leaving processed products like Velveeta behind. Nevertheless, Velveeta still has a following in certain markets, in large part because of its affordability and versatility.

Aldi, like many other grocers, has its own version of Velveeta.

Clancys Cheese Melt

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Clancy’s Cheese Melt is an Aldi Regular Buy, meaning it can be found on shelves all the time. (Aldi also occasionally stocks a queso blanco version.) It comes in a 32-ounce (2-pound) brick that can be stored for some time in the pantry. Once it’s open, however, it has to, like Velveeta, be refrigerated.

Clancys Cheese Melt

Nutrition Information, plus a loaded potato bite recipe. (Click to enlarge.)

Nutritionally, each 1-ounce serving of Clancy’s Cheese Melt has 80 calories (50 of them from fat), as well as 6 grams of fat (9% of your recommended daily allowance), 3.5 grams of saturated fat (18%), 20 mg of cholesterol (7%), 410 mg of sodium (17%), and 4 grams of protein. That’s very similar to Velveeta. The Clancy’s Cheese Melt packaging boasts that it has “1/3 less fat than cheddar.”

Whether processed cheese is “good” for you or not is bound to be a matter of fierce debate, especially for whole food proponents. We’re not going to attempt to settle the debate here, although there are some experts who argue it’s no better or worse for you than regular cheese, if not quite as tasty.

If you are okay using it, the biggest question probably is how it compares to Velveeta. We’ve used both Clancy’s Cheese Melt and Velveeta over the years, and we’re hard-pressed to detect much of a difference between the two. They have similar consistencies, taste similar, and ultimately work about the same.

The Verdict

Clancy’s Cheese Melt might not be the most natural block of cheese, but if you’re looking for a cheaper Velveeta substitute, look no further. It does exactly what Kraft’s big-name block does, and for less money.

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  1. I use this when I make my Cleveland-style hanky pankies. Delicious!

  2. On my most recent purchase of Aldi’s CheeseMelt I noticed that it is more crumbly than smooth, more pale than deep yellow, and does not melt as smoothly as my last purchase of this item.

    They must have changed the recipe/formula/ingredients, maybe more whey(?) to make the product cheaper to produce.

    Not sure I will buy again.

  3. Very disappointed.
    Won’t melt over macaroni, stays like in pieces even after heating in microwave or small oven.

  4. This stuff is horrible, One time you buy it, And it won’t melt. The next time you open it, It’s a sticky mess that will ooze out of your cheese holder, If you don’t cool it down fast. Today i opened the very last block of this so called velveeta clone that I will ever buy, The quality was never very good, And the last three months, It has gotten to be unbearably bad. Good bye Clancy’s, From now on I buy Velveeta

  5. we purchase this for melting only well we had previously purchased this at aldi for years will return what i have for warrenty i will shop somewhere else disappointed in aldis

  6. Melts great in the microwave add a little bit of milk takes a while the Melt it down I honestly think it’s just as good as Velveeta. Just letting y’all know.

  7. Clancy’s cheese is the WORST THING you could ever buy. i’m not quite sure how u manage to mess up nacho cheese by i’m not exaggerating when i say it was the worst thing i’ve ever tasted. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON CLANCEY CHEESE🤮

    • All the reviews are consistently bad. I saved my $ because it is in today’s flyer, so I was going to buy it. Thanks for your information. I love checking reviews.

  8. Melts just as well as Velveeta, however, the taste is just not there. Wanted to love it! Great price! I’ll pay more for Velveeta next time!

  9. Had to make Mac & cheese for about 100 people on Saturday. Chose my recipe that called for the ‘other’ brand but I chose to use “CLANCY’S” brand instead. Let’s just say out of the 8 recipes of Mac & cheese I had to make, there WAS NOT A DROP LEFT! Was delicious!! Definitely a fan and would use again.

  10. I agree with the last reply. Velvet is fine but Clancy’s brand for macaroni and cheese was excellent. As far as ingredients: Velveeta=SKIM MILK, MILK, CANOLA OIL, MILK PROTEIN CONCENTRATE, SODIUM PHOSPHATE, CONTAINS LESS THAN 2% OF MODIFIED FOOD STARCH, WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE, MALTODEXTRIN, WHEY, SALT, CALCIUM PHOSPHATE, LACTIC ACID, SORBIC ACID AS A PRESERVATIVE, MILKFAT, SODIUM ALGINATE, SODIUM CITRATE, ENZYMES, APOCAROTENAL AND ANNATTO (COLOR), CHEESE CULTURE, VITAMIN A PALMITATE. Aldi’s Clancy=american cheese (milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes), water, whey, milkfat, whey protein concentrate, sodium phosphates, milk protein concentrate, salt, xanthan gum, guar gum, locust bean gum, sorbic acid as a preservative, annatto and oleoresin paprika color.

  11. This was my favorite “melty cheese” as a Velveeta substitute! But no longer- Aldi has now changed the recipe, and it now uses Canola oil which I try to avoid. I will no longer purchase this cheese… I loved the previous blend, and enjoyed the product/flavor.

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