Dakota’s Pride Grill Style Beans – Steakhouse Style

Last Updated on February 19, 2021

I generally only like name-brand Bush’s baked beans. I wrote about this preference a few months ago when I talked about what I don’t buy at Aldi. In my previous experiences, anything that wasn’t Bush’s just tasted off. However, on a friend’s recommendation, I tried some of Aldi’s specialty Grill Style beans, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Dakota's Pride Grill Style Beans

Dakota’s Pride supplies most of Aldi’s bean offerings, including chili, kidney, black, great northern, pinto, and baked beans. In addition, Dakota’s Pride offers some more upscale Grill Style beans that come in a few varieties, most notably Steakhouse Style and Southern BBQ. These are a Seasonal Favorite, which means they’re in stores for longer than an Aldi Find, but they aren’t available all year. Generally, you can find Grill Style beans at Aldi during the summer cookout months.

I tried the Steakhouse Style beans. These are a “savory blend of beans, onions and green peppers simmered with brown sugar in a hearty steak sauce.”

The Steakhouse Style beans come in a 22-ounce can and serve approximately five people, with 180 calories, 0 grams fat, 500mg sodium, 7 grams of protein, and 18 grams of sugar per serving. They do have a lot of sugar, but that’s to be expected with any baked beans in sauce. They are advertised as an excellent source of fiber. The ingredients list is: prepared white beans, water, brown sugar, less than 2% of onions, green peppers, salt, tomato paste, cornstarch modified, mustard bran, caramel color, apple cider vinegar, onion powder, natural molasses flavor, spice, vinegar, garlic powder, and natural smoke flavor.

The beans have instructions for heating in a microwave-safe dish or on the stove top.

My family liked these beans a lot, which is saying something when we are all a bunch of Bush’s brand snobs. These aren’t the same as Bush’s original baked bean formula, which is what we usually eat. The Dakota’s Pride Grill Style Beans – Steakhouse Style have a slightly different flavor and noticeable bits of green pepper (but not too much, for those of you who are picky about green things in your food).

The Verdict:

My family usually only likes name-brand Bush’s baked beans, but we tried Aldi’s Dakota’s Pride Grill Style Beans – Steakhouse Style after a friend recommended them. They aren’t exactly the same as Bush’s original baked beans, but we liked them well enough that we’ve been won over. These are a Seasonal Favorite item, which means they aren’t sold year-round, so I’ll be stocking up whenever these beans make an appearance on Aldi’s shelves, which is usually during the summer barbecue season.

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  1. I started shopping at Aldi’s a few months ago, and I’ve bought a lot of their house brand items. We all know that house brands can be hit or miss.

    I like many of Aldi’s house brand items, but I must say that their Dakota’s Pride baked beans are not one of them. The taste was artificial, shallow, and simply unpleasant. It made me think of acid and saccharine. I was surprised at the poor quality of their beans because most of their canned food items do much better. It looks like for now I’m sticking to brand name baked beans.

    Thank you for writing the review, Rachel. I’m glad your family liked the beans, as well as your friend who recommended them. I guess the beauty of the bean is in the eye of the beholder!

    • Lorain Diederiks

      I totally agree. I bought the pork and beans. I don’t know what it is suppose ro be. There is no taste of pork NOR any piece of pork in it. Found an oily substance on top of the beans, maybe made with pork fat? Disgusting taste.

  2. Dakota beans fro Aldi were mostly juice, will not buy again

  3. We shop a lot at Aldi and are very happy !
    The Dakota beans original & Maple is not on our list any more .

  4. Dakota’s Pride pork beans has NO pork. It should be called Dakota’s Pride beans in starchy tomato sauce. Will NOT buy again

  5. Dakota’s pride Country Style beans were the worst I’ve ever had, Have been buying there baked beans all summer and they were great. But this new kind was terrible after opening beans came out first stuck together then about 2 inches of jellied mess stuck together at the end. Decided to cook them anyway, tasted terrible had to throw the whole mess away. NEVER AGAIN

  6. I have always got the small cans of Pork and Beans–always good. But this time I got the tall can of Dakota Pride country style—label said good 10/2022 There was a solid mass on top and there was no sauce. I had to dig them out of the can—i took a bite and decided to pitch it all out. What happened?

  7. Louise Ackermann

    My first and last can of Dakotas Pride original baked beans. The sauce had a good flavor but the beans were dry and had a grit sand texture. There was much more sauce than beans.

  8. i think dakotas pork and beans have gone down hill, they are little hard balls after heated, not precooked enough?

  9. So overcooked, only good for refried beans or dips. Will just muddy up chili or soup.

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