What are Aldi Seasonal Items (or Seasonal Favorites)?

Last Updated on June 5, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated in 2022 with another name change.

Anyone with experience shopping in Aldi knows that there are two basic kinds of products: the things that are there all the time and things that are only there for a limited time.

The things that are there all the time are … well, there all the time. On this site, we call those things Regular Buys. They are the things that, day in and day out, are found on Aldi shelves, and they are restocked regularly. Whether it’s a staple like bread or laundry detergent, these products typically don’t change. Occasionally, Aldi will discontinue, or add, Regular Buys, but once there, they tend to stay for a while.

The things that are for a limited time are another matter. These are things that show up in Aldi’s weekly ad and then appear on shelves, but once they’re gone, they’re gone. They don’t get restocked, at least not for a long time, and you can’t order them online if they’re not at your local store. In the United States, these are called ALDI Finds, although they have other names in other countries.

There is, though, a third category of products. These are products that show up on Aldi shelves, and stay around for a while — usually, say, several weeks to a few months. These appear to be a recent development in the Aldi inventory; while they may have appeared before then, the first time we saw them was in 2017. That year, they were known as Seasonal Items. However, in 2018, they were rebranded (slightly) as Seasonal Favorites. And then, around 2022, Aldi returned to calling them Seasonal Items again.

The most common Seasonal Items (or Seasonal Favorites) are foods and products related to a specific season of the year. For example, Aldi dishes out a pumpkin roll during the fall holiday season that tends to persist on shelves for several weeks. Aldi also rolls out a roast duck for about the same amount of time.

Some Regular Buys have even become Seasonal Items. The best example here is probably Bake House Creations Pie Crusts, which were Regular Buys for a long time before disappearing … and then reappearing as a Seasonal Item (and now a Seasonal Favorite). While not all customers were happy that the pie crusts were no longer a year-round thing, the crusts are still a common sight in Aldi stores at least through the November and December months.

Here’s what it means: if you see a product marked as a Seasonal Item and you want it, you should get it. Because while it might be around for some time, it won’t be around forever. And just as with Aldi Finds, if a Seasonal Item is not currently in stock at your local Aldi, you cannot order it online.

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  1. How can I find out when Stollen is in stock? I go to my local store periodically but is there an easier way to know when it is in stock?

    • In our local stores, stollen is usually stocked around the Christmas holiday time. It often shows up sometime in November or December. The best way to know what’s in stock is to keep an eye on the weekly Aldi ad.

  2. Is there any way to order items that are seasonal and have them delivered either to my home of local Aldi’s? I am on a special diet and can eat the Keto friendly buns. In my opinion, they are really good. I use them to replace bread as they taste better than the actual Keto bread (in my opinion). Yes, I can purchase several and put them in the freezer, but not six months worth.

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