Sundae Shoppe Chocolate Coated Bananas

A while back, we tried the Diana’s Bananas frozen chocolate covered bananas, which are often available during the summer in Aldi stores as limited buys. We enjoyed them, however, they were name-brand with a name-brand price. Recently, we found Aldi-branded chocolate covered bananas, and I thought it would be interesting to see how they compared.

Sundae Shoppe Chocolate Coated Bananas

The Sundae Shoppe Chocolate Coated Frozen Bananas are $3.49 for a box of five. They were sold in milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties. Sundae Shoppe is an Aldi private label that encompasses ice cream and other frozen treats.

There are five servings per box, with one serving being one chocolate covered banana. Both the dark and milk chocolate bananas have 130 calories, 6g of total fat, 3.5g of saturated fat, 18g of carbohydrates, and 3g of added sugars. If allergies are a concern, the milk chocolate bananas contain milk, soy, and possibly peanuts. The dark chocolate bananas contain soy, and possibly milk and peanuts.

Sundae Shoppe Chocolate Coated Bananas

Nutrition information and ingredients: dark chocolate at left, milk chocolate at right. (Click to enlarge.)

I’m not a dark chocolate fan, so the milk chocolate ones were my personal favorite. The chocolate was good, and so were the bananas. Everyone in our family usually approves of these desserts, and I don’t think these were any different. I don’t always like how hard the bananas get when frozen, and right out of the freezer these were especially hard, but that isn’t really Aldi’s fault.

Sundae Shoppe Chocolate Coated Bananas

As for Diana’s bananas themselves, they are a company that specifically works to create chocolate covered bananas. Aldi is obviously copying them by creating their own bananas, but it’s entirely possible that the Aldi brand bananas were still made by Diana’s and Aldi simply put its Sundae Shoppe private label name on them.

The Verdict:

The Sundae Shoppe Chocolate coated bananas are practically identical to the name brand Diana’s Bananas. These are a somewhat healthier alternative to other desserts as well, especially if you go for the dark chocolate ones, which is a plus. While chocolate coated bananas aren’t my favorite dessert in the world, I enjoyed these, and I wouldn’t rule out buying them again.

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  1. I went back to Aldi’s to buy more Dark Chocolate coated frozen bananas, but could not find them anywhere in the store, or in the place I found them when I first bought them. When will they be in stock again?

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