Does Aldi Hand Out Coupons?

There are some things that seem to never change. The sun rises. Families argue over politics and religion. Taxes.

And people online claim to have Aldi coupons.

So what’s the scoop? Does Aldi do electronic coupons? What about print coupons? Or manufacturer’s coupons for name-brand products?

Let’s look at these one at a time.

Does Aldi do digital electronic coupons?

At the time of this post, the answer is: no. Aldi does not do electronic coupons. That includes coupons by way of social media, or app, or email, or anything else. Aldi. Does. Not. Do. Digitial. Coupons.

Here’s the official word from Aldi US:[0]=68.ARBSqU-164d9wU6IfB3r-aDM744rpsFoO2gDdn_bVxM_UNlzD7wSBQpSQG3CFgN5aVrfuxHCYhjd1uYm-sxIyRu5U7BYXj5h0PtOxWKxvJc6aTlbzug1ASEznEaaL6H_LUox-yCy2HD6C09UrrXkUusC4XxGPYQBLjNRJiucTSuZbcby2qFOJJ6kkZe_wnbF6W87fv9Xr2s&__tn__=-R

“Hey ALDI fans! Looks like another fake ALDI coupon is making its way around the internet. We’re sorry for any confusion, but we don’t offer electronic coupons and they won’t be accepted at our stores.

We’re currently working on fixing the situation, but we’d love your help. Feel free to share this post to help us spread the word.”

So if you see an Aldi coupon floating on social media, it’s a scam, sometimes even from a fake Aldi page designed to look real. These scams are either designed to get you to click on something, or give up personal information, or possibly just create trouble. Regardless of the reason, they’re simply not legit.

A common Facebook “coupon.” (Hint: it’s totally fake.) (Click to enlarge.)

And if you try to redeem them? Fair warning: you’re setting yourself up for laughter at your expense.

Does Aldi give out print coupons?

It’s rare, but yes, we’ve seen it happen. Sometimes, when Aldi opens a new store (or, occasionally, when a remodeled store reopens), the grocer will distribute a flyer, either in the local newspaper or by mail, that includes a coupon that can be used only at the specified store. We’ve sometimes seen a $10 off $50 coupon in this situation. It’s worth re-emphasizing here that Aldi doesn’t require downloading an app or something else to get these coupons — consumers simply cut them out and take them in.

These real coupons are easy to spot, in the occasions they happen. They’re usually a part of an official Aldi ad, for example. And they don’t have any strings attached, like asking you to register an e-mail or a blood sample.

Does Aldi honor manufacturer’s coupons?

Aldi does carry some brand-name products, including products you might have seen (totally legitimate) coupons for elsewhere, such as in a local newspaper. Aldi, however, does not accept any manufacturer’s coupons. From the grocer’s website:

“ALDI does carry some brand name products; however, we negotiate the best possible prices with our suppliers, so we are unable to accept manufacturer’s coupons.”

That means that, even if the coupon is a real coupon, and even if Aldi carries that exact product, the grocer will not accept or honor that coupon.

To Recap:

Does Aldi do electronic coupons? No.

Does Aldi do print coupons? Almost never, except on rare occasions when a new store is opening or, possibly, when a remodeled store is reopening.

Does Aldi accept manufacturer’s coupons? No.

And now you know.

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