Does Aldi Give Rain Checks?

Last Updated on January 12, 2021

Does Aldi take Rain Checks?

A rain check is defined as a ticket or slip given to a person for use later on. Rain checks are typically handed out when a sporting event is postponed because of weather (hence the name “rain check”). Rain checks are also sometimes handed out when a store runs out of a hot new product but expects to have more of it later.

For example, I’ve seen rain checks given when a baseball game — probably the sport that can be the most impacted by weather — is cancelled because of rain or other inclement weather. I’ve also seen, say, electronics stores hand out rain checks when a new video game console comes out but there aren’t enough in the initial stock to meet the customer demand.

Rain checks are beneficial to businesses for a couple of reasons. One, it builds goodwill with consumers, since consumers know the company is working hard to get them the product or event they want. Two, because consumers are often paying up front for the rain check, the company has their money in hand and knows they’ve more or less made a sale.

From time to time, people ask us: does Aldi issue rain checks?


There are a couple of reasons.

One, Aldi values efficiency and simplicity when at all possible. The company hates complicating things. That’s why Aldi, for example, rarely offers coupons.

Rain checks are complicated. They involve issuing the rain check, tracking the rain check, and setting up a system to redeem the rain check. It puts the burden on the store to make sure they have enough of the supply to take care of all the rain checks, rather than putting the burden on the consumer to find the product.

Two, when it comes to ALDI Finds, Aldi rarely orders more than one shipment. Typically, an ALDI Find is a limited amount of stock in a single shipment, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Rain checks would involve Aldi ordering more than one shipment, and that’s just not going to happen.

In short, if you want a product and Aldi doesn’t have it, you won’t be able to get a rain check. You’ll have to wait until the product comes back … and if it’s a middle-aisle ALDI Find, that may be a long time.

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  1. Wanted to buy Crofton silicone baking sheet for$4.99 sale dates 03/31 – 04/06 at store 01089 Manager stated none arrived. Repeated visits 03/31 and 04/02. Still no item 702898 No rain checks. No one to call Jeepers!

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