Serra Ladies Rain Boots

Last Updated on February 21, 2023

Serra Ladies Rain Boots

EDITOR’S NOTE: In 2023, Aldi sold similar rain boots for $16.99. Aldi sold ladies rain boots in April of 2022 for $14.99. 

Rain boots are an accessory that many people may not feel they really need, but if you do a lot of outdoor walking or gardening/yard chores, they can be a useful pair of footwear. I’ve purchased garden boots from Aldi in the past, which were like rain boots but shorter, and they’ve been great when I’ve worn them while doing garden projects. Based on my success with Aldi’s garden boots, I decided to pick up a pair of ladies rain boots for my daughter when Aldi recently stocked them.

Serra Ladies Rain Boots

Serra Ladies Rain Boots in lavender.

Serra Ladies Rain Boots cost $14.99 per pair at the time of publication. With most boots from other retailers starting at around $20 for basic black designs and going up from there, the Aldi boots look to be competitively priced.

These are an Aldi Find (Special Buy), which means they’re only in stores for a short time. Aldi doesn’t offer online ordering for its specials, so once these sell out at your local store, they’re gone, probably until next spring.

Serra Ladies Rain Boots

Serra Ladies Rain Boots from the front.

Aldi sells different boot designs from year to year, and in the spring of 2021 they were available in a solid lavender color or a black and white daisy pattern with a 13″ shaft height, or a floral design with a 9.25″ shaft height. I bought the taller lavender boots.

Features include:

  • Water resistant
  • Cushioned EVA insole for all-day comfort
  • 100% Rubber upper and outsole
  • Rubber gusset
  • 13″ shaft height (but as mentioned above, Aldi also sold some other boots at the same time that had a 9.25″ shaft height)
  • Made in China

In my experience, women’s footwear at Aldi seems to run slightly large. My daughter wears an 8 in most shoes but often takes a 7 in Aldi shoes. The lavender boots didn’t come in size 7, though, so she got them in an 8 (which means she and I can share these).

Serra Ladies Rain Boots

Serra Ladies Rain Boots from the back.

They seem to stay on her feet fine, and the back of the boots have a setup with a metal fastener and a strap with several holes so you can adjust how tight or loose the boots are on your calves. Looking at Aldi’s ad online, it appears the lavender boots may be the only ones out of the three designs that were available at the time that have the metal fastener and strap feature.

Serra Ladies Rain Boots

The metal fastener and attached strap with holes for adjusting tightness in the calf area, a feature on this specific pair of rain boots but not on all Aldi rain boots.

Serra Ladies Rain Boots

A closer look at one of the holes the metal fastener can go through. At first glance, it looks like the holes have rips, but they are intentional to allow space for the fastener.

We haven’t had much time to put these boots to the test as far as finding out how waterproof they are, but on the day I bought them it rained heavily and my daughter spent a few minutes walking in some puddles in the backyard. She said her feet stayed dry, so I have high hopes these boots will do what they claim to do. The fact that the boots are fairly tall also seems to help keep pants dry from water that tends to splash against the back of your legs while walking.

As a bonus, these boots are comfortable and look cute. I think they’ll get plenty of use, and I may even borrow them for some garden chores occasionally. The only thing that remains to be seen is how well they hold up, especially the area with the metal fastener and strap. I’ll update later if we have any issues.

The Verdict:

Serra Ladies Rain Boots are cute, comfortable, and appear to keep the water out. Recommended.

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  1. The combat boot comes out 12/8/21 and I was searching for reviews but no luck. Gotten other shoes and been rain boots but was curious about comfortableness of a combat boot.

    • We’ve never tried the combat boots before. In fact, I’m not sure Aldi has sold combat boots until December of 2021. If you try them, let us know what you think of them.

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