Friendly Farms Chocolate Snack Bars

They look like ice cream sandwiches, but they’re not. The Friendly Farms Chocolate Snack Bars showed up among Aldi’s Special Buys (ALDI Finds) recently, and I had to try them out of curiosity.

Friendly Farms Chocolate Snack Bars


These Snack Bars were sold in the refrigerated area and came in two flavors: Chocolate or Hazelnut. I opted for Chocolate. The Chocolate Snack Bars consist of “chocolate sponge cake filled with indulgent milk cream.”

They consist of very thin layers of sponge cake with a thick layer of cream in the middle. The cream is firmer in consistency than traditional Cool Whip, so these treats are not like a Little Debbie snack cake. The sponge cake dissolves fairly quickly when I bite into it, leaving mostly the inner cream layer, which is about the firmness level of frozen Cool Whip, except that it’s not frozen. The snack bars taste good, but they also feel kind of odd to bite into. They don’t compare to any other snack food I’ve seen on the market. My kids gobbled them up, though.

Nutrition-wise, each box contains eight bars, which seem a little on the small side, and each bar nets 130 calories per serving, with 4 grams saturated fat (20% DV), 60 mg sodium (3% DV), and 9 grams of sugar (with 8 grams of added sugars). Ingredients are: whole milk, palm oil, sugar, wheat flour, glucose-fructose syrup (from wheat and corn), honey, whole milk powder, egg powder, cocoa powder (processed with alkali), potato starch, milk proteins, natural flavors, mono- and diglycerides, soy lecithin, leavening (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate), water, and salt. The bars contain milk, egg, wheat, and soy, and they may contain tree nuts.

The Verdict:

Aldi’s Special Buy (ALDI Find) Friendly Farms Chocolate Snack Bars are unique. They look like ice cream sandwiches, but they’re refrigerated rather than frozen. They were interesting to try, but ultimately I probably prefer an ice cream sandwich or a Little Debbie snack cake instead.

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  1. They sound a lot like these which I’ve tried once.

    Might pick some up next time I’m at Aldi. Do you recall how much they cost?

  2. Patricia Campbell

    This is a review is for the chocolate snack bars. I grabbed a box, since I am very familiar with the original version made in Germany. This is an imitation product. I was very disappointed. The sponge cake part is lighter than the original brand, which means that it’s probably not really made from chocolate. The cream is kind of firm . The original cream is smooth. The original bars has a better taste, look and texture. I’m very disappointed of this product and will never buy it again. Anybody that has tasted the original bar in Germany will agree with this review. I would rate this product with a 1 out of 5.

  3. The chocolate snack bar is the Aldi US generic equivalent of the German Milch-Schnitte. The chocolate sponge cake has a slightly harder consistency and has less chocolate flavor than the original. The cream is fairly close in flavor, but as another commenter mentioned, it is hard and not as creamy as the original. The Milch-Schnitte cream actually squeezes out on the sides slightly when you bite into it. Is it as good as the original? Of course it isn’t but it’s also the closest you can come to buying Milch-Schnitte without resorting to paying the outrageous prices and shipping costs from one of the specialty German grocery importers online.

  4. Although I agree that these bars are a touch underwhelming, they go great with a cup of black coffee. Just enough subtle sweetness to keep me from going for sugary creamers and light enough to provide me with some quick energy that doesn’t have me feeling sluggish afterwards. I find as a coffee complement they’re fine.

  5. Alright, so I grew up in Germany and moved to Michigan in 2011. Ever since that day I’ve been looking for something like this. In Germany they’re called “Milchschnitte”. The chocolate ones taste the exact same as their german cousins do! I’m in heaven. I bought 3 boxes. Please bring more!!!

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