Gardenline Resin Stacking Side Table

Last Updated on August 9, 2020

One of life’s little pleasures is sitting with the family around a firepit, hanging out, maybe talking about life or just cooking s’mores. We sit as the sun goes down and the lingering fire remains the only light, until at last we go to bed, our clothes smelling like campfire but our minds happy.

It’s easy to overlook how important quality outdoor furniture can be to a good firepit experience. When we camp we use folding chairs, but at home we use stackable plastic chairs, which are decently comfortable as well as easy to clean. However, our stacking chairs–unlike our folding chairs–lack cupholders, so keeping drinks on hand is a balancing act, and that doesn’t even include things like plates and other accessories.

Our favorite solution to that problem is a simple resin side table. They’re small, but large enough to hold a few things. They’re also simple, but easy to clean. In short, they’re a nifty utility when we need just a little bit of space to set things down.

Aldi sells plenty of outdoor furniture in the spring and summer months, from stacking chairs to gliders. And yes, Aldi sells resin side tables, too.

Gardenline Resin Stacking Side Tables (Product Code: 700211) are an Aldi Find, which means they’re only in stores for a limited time. We paid $6.99, which is the same or cheaper than what we’ve paid for these at the local hardware store. They come in either stone or chili pepper colors, and the label says that they are made in Italy.

Gardenline Stacking Side Table

With the tags off. (Click to enlarge.)

What you’re getting is a pretty simple product. It’s a resin table, a single piece that is firm but also slightly flexible. It measures 17 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 15 inches tall, and it has a weight limit of 25 pounds.

Gardenline Stacking Side Table

The underbelly. (Click to enlarge.)

A few things struck me about this table. One, it’s level, something I don’t always get with these kinds of tables. Two, the surface is textured, so things don’t slide around as easily. Three, it doesn’t wobble much, another thing I don’t always get with these kinds of tables.

In short, it’s a really good table.

We weren’t able to try stacking them because we could only find one in our local store. However, given how it looks, I assume they’ll stack together fine.

The Verdict:

Resin stacking side tables may not be the biggest priority on your outdoor shopping list, but they’re definitely useful. Aldi sells a good one, with a solid build, level surface, and textured top. The price tag is good, too.

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  1. Store in my area sold out of the resin stackable tables. Want desperately to find 2 in the chili red. Have Purchased 4 chairs. Checked surrounding stores, but unable to locate tables. Is there anywhere I can purchase 2 tables in the chili red.

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