Gardenline Two Person Swing

Last Updated on June 17, 2022


  • Read about the latest version of the Aldi two-person swing here
  • Updated March 2018 with information about the swing’s durability.
  • This is one of two Gardenline canopied swings that we know of. The other is the Gardenline 2-Person Swing, which is about $30 less than this swing but uses a mesh seat similar to the Gardenline Glider rather than the cushioned seats on this model.

Gardenline is one of the major Aldi brands associated with things outdoors. From garden tools to furniture, these Special Buys are most common in the spring months, although they occasionally make appearances in the fall.

We’ve previously reviewed the Gardenline Double Glider, which we found to be a nice addition to outdoor decor. Here we’ll take a look at its distant cousin, the Gardenline Two Person Swing.

Gardenline Two Person Swing

The Gardenline Two Person Swing is manufactured by FJK Home Products, a Midwest-based furniture company that makes furniture products for other companies and retailers. According to FJK’s site, they make a few other Aldi products, but it also seems that Aldi turns to other manufacturers for furniture and products in their Gardenline line.

The swing comes in a slim box. The box’s profile isn’t high, but it is long; an SUV or wagon with the back seats folded forward should do the trick to get your swing home from the store. The downside to such compact packaging, of course, is that it means more assembly when you take it out. The instructions aren’t hard to follow, but they do take time, and getting things to fit properly can, at certain points, be a hassle. The most aggravating part for me was putting the canopy together; it took some careful pushing (and eventually a second pair of hands) to get the thing set just right.

Once assembled, it’s not a bad piece of furniture, although it does have a few irritants. For example, putting on the canopy and taking it back off can be a bit of a chore — you have to line up the bolts through the holes just right — although having a second person to help you makes the job easier. Alternatively, you could leave the canopy on all the time, but if a storm with high winds is coming or you’re looking to store the swing for the winter, you might want to pull it off. Also, if the canopy is not adjusted at just the right angle, sometimes rain water will puddle on top.

A second irritant comes from four plastic base pieces, which affix under the four legs of the swing and help keep it flat on the ground. The pieces do the job, but they also slip off the legs pretty easily. If you decide to move the swing in for the winter, or to move it to another part of the patio or yard, be sure to keep an eye on the base pieces, as they can easily fall out or get misplaced.

Beyond those frustrations, though, this is a comfortable swing. The cushions are comfortable, the canopy does its job and can be adjusted a little, and two normal-sized adults — and maybe a small child on top of that — can fit without trouble. (Just be mindful of the 500 pound total weight limit.) It swings smoothly, and any squeaks can be easily fixed with a bit of WD-40. To top it all off, Aldi backs it with a two-year warranty.

UPDATE (March 2018): We originally purchased the swing in the fall of 2013. We store the swing in a shed during the winter months and still store the cushions indoors when not in use, and as of spring 2018 it continues to hold up well. There is some rust developing along parts of the swing, especially near the canopy. The canopy frame is beginning to come apart in places, and the canopy fabric is wearing thin and has a couple of inch-long tears, so we’re not sure how much longer the canopy will last, but the swing and the swing frame are both fine. The swing continues to function pretty much like it did when we first bought it.

The Verdict:

It’s not the easiest to put together and it’s got a couple of small quirks, but it’s also a comfortable two-person swing that is ideal for those days when you want to sit outside. And because it’s Aldi, it’s cheap, too. Recommended.


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  1. replacement canopy for 2 person swing how much where to get it

  2. Sonia sarkesian

    I would like to buy the 2 person garden line swing in orange cushions color how and where I can purchase it?

    • Sadly, it’s a Special Buy that is currently out of season, and in our experience it probably won’t come back around until next Spring.

  3. Swing once put together in out of line does not hang in the center the right side is 2 inches further away from the frame then the left side. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  4. Frances McCahill

    Hi I am looking for replacement seat for my Gardenline Garden Seat
    Model 94833
    Weight 26kg
    Dimensions (W x D x H ): 155 x 119 x 165 cm
    Loading capacity 110 kg per seat
    Product code; 94833

  5. How many Sq ft do you need for this? Looking for a swing for my apartment patio but want to make sure it will fit and swing without hitting anything.

    • Our older model is about 54 inches wide and 42 inches deep, but you’ll want to check the specifications on the model currently in stores.

  6. I have the garden line 2 person swing. I would like to have a full cover for the swing ( not the canopy) to protect it from dust when not in use. Where can I buy it. Thank you

    • Aldi does not sell covers like that, so you’ll have to try whatever you can find from another retailer.

  7. I have 2 seater swing with red-orange stripe canopy. Where can I find replacement canopy and the two bolts that hold them on the top? Swing is perhaps model 43537

  8. Hi I saw they have a new Belavi two person swing. On your other glider post I think you said they rebranded. So is the new Belavi swing the same thing as this gardenline one?

  9. Hi
    Where & for how much can I buy the replacement cushions for two person garden line swing?
    Also, how much is the canopy?
    Thank you

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