Belavi Double Glider (Gardenline Double Glider)

Last Updated on July 9, 2023


  • Aldi sold this glider again in 2022 for $99.99. 
  • In 2021, Aldi rebranded this glider from the Gardenline Double Glider to the Belavi Double Glider. By all appearances, it’s the same glider.
  • Updated March 2018 and June 2020 with information about the glider’s durability.

Aldi has definitely increased its outdoor purchases over the years, from garden tools to shepherd’s crooks. They’ve also rolled out more furniture; a person could probably outfit a lot of their front and backyard just from Aldi. All of the Gardenline products are Special Buys, and getting a hold of Gardenline furniture is a matter of timing, as they tend to arrive in the spring and early summer.

Gardenline Glider

The Gardenline Double Glider pretty much is what you think: seating for two that glides back and forth. It’s not exactly a bench; think of it like a pair of sling chairs put together but with no middle armrest. Instead, the two slightly dipped seats are separated by a bar that sits flush with the seats and runs across the middle of the glider. The middle bar adds stability but also means that you’re going to be either sitting on one side of the chair or the other; straddling the middle is not comfortable.

Assembly was mostly okay. The instructions are easy to follow and Aldi has a number to call if you need help. A few of the steps are a little tricky just because they require both a delicate hand and a little bit of force, but if you’re patient, eventually it will come together.

Once assembled, it’s a nice chair to sit in. The seats are comfortable and the way the glider goes back and forth is pretty relaxing. The glider can start to squeak after a while, so spraying a little WD-40 in the joints from time to time is a good idea. Also, some of the screws can come loose after long periods of use, so it’s a good idea to tighten the bolts and caps from time to time.

Most of the pieces appear to be perhaps as thick as your finger. I didn’t see any weight limits on the box or in the instructions, although I’m not sure how the swing would hold up with, say, two very heavy occupants, so be aware of that. This reviewer has had a Double Glider for a few years now, so they do seem to be capable of a good life span. Of course, as inexpensive as the glider is, that may or may not matter to you.

UPDATE (March 2018): We originally purchased the swing in 2010, and we keep it under an awning that is mostly sheltered from rain and snow. It continues to hold up pretty well even all these years later. On the other hand, a relative of ours kept hers out in the open and the mesh seat tore apart after only a few seasons. Moral of the story: its longevity will probably depend on where you put it.

UPDATE (June 2020): Our glider is now ten years old, which makes this one of the longest-lasting Aldi products we’ve ever owned. Some of the screw caps still sometimes come out and we still have to oil it with WD-40 from time to time, but we’re nevertheless impressed that our glider has lasted so long. The key, for us, has been to keep it up under an awning, rather than in the open air, which has mostly kept it away from rain or snow.

The Verdict:

It takes some work to assemble and you have to keep an eye on the parts, but for the price you probably won’t do much better.

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  1. The assembly does require a little more skill then usual. I applied a little Vaseline on bolts and nuts before assembly to prevent cross threading bolts. Once assembled you will love the smooth glider motion and steady feel of the whole assembly. Of course, the price is unbeatable !

  2. we have a small deck and that glider was perfect for what we needed.. Thankyou, Diana

  3. This is impossible to assemble! I am having trouble with the glider connectors. The screws are too short and I can’t connect them with the spacers in. Instructions are written poorly!

    • I’m having the exact same issue

      • Me too! The screw to assemble the front side of the glider is WAY too short and won’t work with the spacer. Not sure if I should just leave the spacer out and how it would effect safety/usability of the furniture! 😬

    • Make sure the wider-set connectors are towards the bottom. You may need to loosen the bolts holding the two cross bars slightly to allow some flex in the support frame.
      Overall, I found this glider to be an incredible value in-line with products I have purchased at Wayfair and Amazon for over double the price.

  4. Joshua M Hettinger

    What are the dimensions

  5. where can i purchase material for the seats one of the seats has split

  6. My fabric for my double glider rotted away. The one I have, has the curved top seat is all one with the metal support in the middle and has a groove for the fabric to slide into and support both sides of the seats. The back looks like it comes in 2 sections and has screws to hold each side in place. It is the one in the top of this article under Editors Notes with the last update on June 7, 2020. I would really love to buy a replacement kit for all my pieces (3 total) 2 back sections and one seat section.

  7. Madelyn Bonilla Bonilla

    I bought an Aldi Metal Patio set over 10 yrs ago or so , But the cushions are practically gone . I cant even remember the brand to at least get new cusions or something close to it . Is there any way you could find this out ?

  8. We bought our glider a couple of years ago but it came without any of the hardware. We called but we’re eventually told they didn’t have any hardware left to send us.

    I’m trying to buy the hardware in pieces, however the connector and spacer information doesn’t have any dimension information. Anyone able to help with the info or point me where to buy a replacement?

  9. I just bought the double glider. It does not have instructions or hardware.

  10. I bought a double glider last year and the box DID NOT have the instructions or screws inside. So disappointed and it is still sitting in my garage unassembled. How can I gain access to the screws that should have been inside the box.

  11. We will never buy another one again, no instruction manual and all the bolts, nuts, washers, bushings and tools tossed in a zip lock bag. I found a video of a glider similar to this one to help put it together.

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