Aldi Introduces A New House Brand: Belavi

Belavi Products

If you’re like me, there are times when you look at a label on an Aldi product and wonder “is this an Aldi label or some other company?” After all, about 90% of Aldi’s products are Aldi private labels: products that Aldi contracts out and sells under its own brands. The remaining 10% are brand name products.

Even as a professional Aldi blogger, it’s a tribute to how slick the company’s naming is that I don’t always know whether some brands are Aldi labels or not. That was the case when Aldi started putting out Lily & Dan kid’s apparel, for example. So when I recently saw the name Belavi show up on a number of Aldi products, I immediately thought to myself, “Is this an Aldi brand or an outside company?”

It’s an Aldi brand. A quick search on Justia’s trademark site shows that Aldi filed the trademark back in 2017. There are a number of products covered under the brand, most of them involving outdoor stuff, from candles to pavilions to trestles. While the initial trademark filing is a few years old, it’s only in the spring of 2021 that we’ve seen the name on any Aldi products in the United States. Aldi likes to shift its labeling from time to time, and I suspect some products formerly under the Gardenline label may now start finding homes under the Belavi label. Aldi is selling a Belavi gazebo, for example, where in previous years a similar gazebo was sold under Gardenline.

Because we cover all things Aldi, I have no doubt that we’ll have a lot more to say about Belavi products down the road.

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  1. Will belavi replacement canopy fit garden line gazebo

  2. Can I buy or order Belavi Bench cushions I saw in Aldi’s store a couple of times in St Petersburg but want to buy from Aldi store in Potsdam, NY?

  3. How do I go about returning the gazebo? We went to aldis & since we do not have the receipt anymore, they will not take it! They told us we need to contact Belvi, but I can not figure out how to do that anywhere. We are missing a part from it so are unable to assemble it

  4. I purchased a belavi hanging hammock chair last summer and hung it up for the first time this summer–brand new. Yesterday, the hanging strap sheared away at the seam just below the adjustment pockets! My husband (weight 195 lb.) fell to the ground, cracked his tail bone and the metal ring knocked him on top of his head, raising a nice welt. Clearly, the strap is NOT SAFE!!!! Injury very painful!

  5. Purchased a 10’ Offset umbrella. Quite easy to assemble…love that! However, The photo on the box and the manual shows the umbrella with a counterweight base. Not until step 4 in the manual did I realize that the base was not included! We specifically purchased this model because of the base pictures in the box. Can you advise? Thank you..

  6. Purchased 3 belavi weathered fairy garden figurines in Mankato, MN store. Would to purchase 2 or 3 more, but the store is out of them. How can I find a place to purchase them?

  7. I purchased a Belavi patio table made from acacia wood. I love it. I need to find the chairs that match. I have tried everywhere. It shows on the patio box the two chairs that go with it. Please help!!!! I loveeee my table but has no chairs.

  8. where can I purchase a 10X10 Belavi Gazebo replacement netting?

  9. Bought an umbrella at Aldi’s. Raised it for the first time and it was broke.

  10. We bought a solar peacock and butterfly earlier this summer, they don’t light up and in looking at them today, it appears there is not a small solar panel mounted on the battery case to charge them. Anyone know how to get a hold of this company?

  11. I purchased a gazebo with netting and hexagon style but I want to replace the canopy.

  12. How can I purchase a Belavi Sun Shade Sail? Are they available?

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