Aldi Introduces A New House Brand: Belavi

Belavi Products

If you’re like me, there are times when you look at a label on an Aldi product and wonder “is this an Aldi label or some other company?” After all, about 90% of Aldi’s products are Aldi private labels: products that Aldi contracts out and sells under its own brands. The remaining 10% are brand name products.

Even as a professional Aldi blogger, it’s a tribute to how slick the company’s naming is that I don’t always know whether some brands are Aldi labels or not. That was the case when Aldi started putting out Lily & Dan kid’s apparel, for example. So when I recently saw the name Belavi show up on a number of Aldi products, I immediately thought to myself, “Is this an Aldi brand or an outside company?”

It’s an Aldi brand. A quick search on Justia’s trademark site shows that Aldi filed the trademark back in 2017. There are a number of products covered under the brand, most of them involving outdoor stuff, from candles to pavilions to trestles. While the initial trademark filing is a few years old, it’s only in the spring of 2021 that we’ve seen the name on any Aldi products in the United States. Aldi likes to shift its labeling from time to time, and I suspect some products formerly under the Gardenline label may now start finding homes under the Belavi label. Aldi is selling a Belavi gazebo, for example, where in previous years a similar gazebo was sold under Gardenline.

Because we cover all things Aldi, I have no doubt that we’ll have a lot more to say about Belavi products down the road.

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  1. Will belavi replacement canopy fit garden line gazebo

  2. I purchased the outdoor Crane metal garden statue from Aldi. The packaging did not include the 2 winds or the tail. Is there a way to request/ to have these 3 parts shipped to me?

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