Huntington Home 10 Drawer Rolling Storage Cart

Last Updated on September 7, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE 1: Aldi sold this cart again in September of 2023 for $24.99 and in February of 2022 for $28.99.

EDITOR’S NOTE 2: Aldi sometimes sells a larger 12-drawer rolling cart, which you can read about here

As the new year approaches, Aldi starts selling a variety of organization products. From everyday bins and shelving to cabinet organizers and garment racks, Aldi can help you tame clutter in your home, office, classroom, closets, or wherever you need to get a handle on your stuff.

One popular organization aid I’ve seen Aldi sell over the years is a rolling storage cart. This year it is sold under the Huntington Home label, but last year the same cart was sold under the Pembrook label.

Huntington Home 10 Drawer Rolling Storage Cart

The Huntington Home 10 Drawer Rolling Storage Cart (Product Code 55135) costs $24.99 at the time of publication. That’s cheaper than many similar carts on the market, including ones from Michael’s, Target, or Walmart.

The Huntington Home cart is an Aldi Find (Special Buy), which means it’s only in stores for a short time. Aldi does not offer online ordering for its specials, so once this sells out at local stores, it’s gone until next time. The good news is that Aldi usually sells carts like this one a few times a year. I’ve seen them in late December/January when people are looking to get organized after the holidays, and they also sometimes show up in the fall when people are looking to furnish dorm rooms and get organized for school. I even saw a larger 12-drawer rolling storage cart that was about twice as wide for sale at Aldi a month or two ago.

Here are some specifications on the 10 Drawer Cart:

  • Available in a Black Frame with White Translucent Drawers or a Dark Gray Frame with Black, Gray, and White Translucent Drawers
  • Casters for mobility
  • Two locking wheels
  • Overal dimensions: 12.6″ W x 15.36″D  x 38.1″ H
  • Dimensions per drawer: 11.26″ W x 15.2″ D x 2.8″ H
  • Made in Taiwan

The cart comes disassembled and packed in a large flat box. It includes an instruction manual but does not come with a warranty or any after-sales service.

Assembling the Cart:

To assemble the cart, you fasten the horizontal supporting bars to the two vertical frame pieces using some long screws and washers. A hex key is included to help tighten screws.

Once you have the basic frame built, use a rubber mallet or hammer (not included) to put a connector — it’s shaped a bit like a Christmas tree — into each of the four bottom leg holes. Then you push the wheels into the holes in the connectors.

IMPORTANT: Do not push the wheels into the connectors until the connectors are completely and firmly hammered into the base of the frame.

Huntington Home 10 Drawer Rolling Storage Cart

I had some trouble getting this wheel — which I prematurely attached to a connector piece — hammered into the frame. Be sure to hammer the connectors into the frame before attaching the wheels.

I made the mistake of attaching a wheel to one of the connectors before I hammered it into the frame, and then I had trouble getting the connector into the frame. Both my husband and I tried to pull the wheel back out of the connector, and we even used pliers to get a better grip, but the wheel was stuck fast. The only way to get the connector with the attached wheel into the frame was to carefully hammer on the wheel and around the edge of the connector with a rubber mallet and a steel hammer until we got it in, and the entire time I worried the hammer would break the plastic wheel. The wheel seems to have held up all right, though.

While the instructions show that you have to hammer the connectors into the frame before adding the wheels, I wish they were more explicit about how important it is to do it in that order because there is no going back once the wheels are in the connectors.

To finish assembling the cart, you’ll attach knobs to the drawers using some short screws. Then, slide the drawers into the built-in tracks and pop the top plate/cover on. At that point, your cart is ready to use.

Observations on the Cart:

This cart looks good and it will work fine for our purposes. The manual states that each drawer has a load-bearing capacity of 4 pounds (1.8 kg).

Huntington Home 10 Drawer Rolling Storage Cart

The finished cart.

I placed this cart in one of my kids’ rooms to hold small items such as headbands, ponytail holders, and hair brushes.

Huntington Home 10 Drawer Rolling Storage Cart

Huntington Home 10 Drawer Rolling Storage Cart

The cart would also work well in our playroom to corral small toys or Legos, or it could hold craft supplies or school supplies. The drawers are on the shallow side, so this cart won’t hold large items. Also, there is open space between the drawers, so they not be great at keeping dust out, but still this cart is great for hair supplies, markers or paper, small kitchen utensils, or whatever else you need to store.

The Verdict:

The Huntington Home 10 Drawer Rolling Storage Cart is a good option for organizing small, lightweight items. It’s cheaper than many similar carts from other retailers, and it assembles easily — but pay close attention to the order in which you assemble the pieces. Ideal for use in an office, kitchen, classroom, workshop, bedroom, or craft room.

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  1. I saw the huntington home 10 drawer rolling cart at Aldi and went to the store 4 times during the sale Dec -Jan5 specifically to get this item. I even went to another Aldi’s. None I asked 3-4 different employees. Sorry we didn’t get it? Maryville TN

  2. How can I get the wheels on the cart I’ve already took the hammer and tapped in the little anchors in the bottom of the card but I cannot get the wheels on can you give me some information how to do that thank you very much

  3. Catherine A. McClarey

    I bought a similar cart from Michaels a couple of years ago as a Black Friday special, and store spare hooks and crochet notions in my craft room in it. The skinny profile works great in its corner location.

  4. Thank you for your post! I have desperately been trying to find info on getting the wheels and connectors on. MANY other posts don’t have the same kind of connectors. I assumed you had to pound them in but nothing in the instructions so I was leary, didn’t want to mess it up. Now I am wondering if wheels lock in or just set in connectors. I have the 12 drawer, don’t know if they are different than 10 drawer.

  5. Do you have a contact information for Huntington Home? I purchased a 12 drawer rolling cart from Aldi this weekend and while assembly I noticed two of my drawers are cracked. Just trying to save a trip to the store to return and put it together again

  6. Judy: Huntington Home is not a company. It’s just a label that Aldi puts on some of its furniture and home goods. I know you’re not crazy about taking your cart back to Aldi and exchanging it, but unless there is specific contact information on the package/manual for warranty service, exchanging the cart in the store is probably your best bet. Your other option is to email Aldi customer service, but I wouldn’t count on them having the parts you need.

    Here’s more about how Aldi private labels work:

    And here’s contact info for Aldi:

  7. Unfortunately, I can’t push down hard enough to get the casters to lock into the connectors.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank You! 😀

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