Introducing: Shop From Your Pantry

Shop From Your Pantry

We love writing about Aldi products at Aldi Reviewer, but we write in other areas, too. One of our writers, Rachael, has started up a new website called Shop From Your Pantry, devoted to using what you have on hand to improve your life and save money.

From the website’s About page:

Use what you’ve got.

This is at the heart of Shop From Your Pantry. It’s easy to forget about what we have in our kitchens and around our homes … or to not even know what we have. Our goal is to shine a light on what you’ve already got, leveraging those things to make your life better and easier, and to save you money.

There are a handful of posts live on the site, including recipes, tips on how to use a freezer, and even tech advice, and there will be much more to follow. SFYP also has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Google +, so feel free to scope those out, too.


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