Lily & Dan Girl’s Memory Foam Canvas Shoes

Aldi frequently sells a variety of shoes for the whole family as limited-time ALDI Finds (Special Buys). I decided recently to pick up a pair of the Lily & Dan Girl’s Memory Foam Canvas Shoes for my daughter.

Lily and Dan Girls Memory Foam Lace-Up Shoes

These shoes sold for $6.99 per pair at the time of publication. They are available in designs for girls and boys in sizes 5/6 through 2/3. The girls’ styles come in stars or stripes, and you can choose a slip-on with elastic heel or a lace-up. The boys’ styles come in plaid or digital camo, and you can choose a slip-on with twin elastic gores or hook and loop closure. Both boys’ and girls’ shoes have a 4mm memory foam insole with a textile upper and vulcanized rubber outsole. The shoes were manufactured in Wenzhou, China.

The shoes are advertised as “kids-friendly styles they can put on alone!” and “perfect for the playground.” They looked like a cute pair of bargain shoes for playing in.

I opted for the striped lace-up girls’ shoes in a size 13/1. When my daughter tried them on, she noted that they felt a little big, perhaps like a size 1 or even a 2, which wouldn’t be a problem because she would eventually grow into them.

However, she also complained that the shoes are uncomfortable and specifically that the top back portion digs into her ankles and heels. It’s possible the shoes might be okay if she wore them for a while to soften the back heel portion and “break them in,” but they are so uncomfortable to her that she is not interested in wearing them at all, even though she likes how they look, so I’ll be returning these to Aldi.

The Verdict:

Aldi’s Lily & Dan Memory Foam Canvas Shoes are a bargain and look cute, and they may run slightly large, which is not a deal breaker. However, they are not comfortable for my daughter and poke into the back of her ankle. Your experience may be different, but these shoes didn’t work for us and they will be going back to Aldi for a refund.

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