Serra Ladies Suede Boots + Lily & Dan Girls’ Cozy Boots

My family is no stranger to Aldi’s footwear, whether it’s men’s hiker boots, men’s slip-ons, men’s trekker sandals, women’s tennis shoes, women’s gardening boots, kids’ trekker sandals, or kids’ tennis shoes, we’ve put quite a few pairs of Aldi footwear to the test over the years.

Most recently, I bought some of Aldi’s winter boots in both ladies’ and children’s sizes for my kids. These are fashion boots rather than snow boots, and both are ALDI Finds (Special Buys), which means they are only in stores for a limited time.

Serra Ladies Suede Boots and Lily & Dan Girls' Cozy Boots

Serra Ladies Suede Boots on the left and Lily & Dan Girls’ Cozy Boots on the right.

Serra Ladies Suede Boots

Serra Ladies Suede Boots

These sold for $19.99 at the time of publication, and they were available in black, gray, or tan. The sizes were a little picked over by the time we bought these, so while my tween daughter preferred black, she settled for tan. The boots are made in China, and they have a genuine suede upper and flexible outsole with a faux fur inner lining.

Serra Ladies Suede Boots

The side view.

My daughter likes the boots and says they are soft, comfortable, and warm, and they go well with a pair of leggings. They don’t appear to have problems with shedding the inner fur lining like the children’s Lily & Dan boots (see below). We’ll see how they hold up over time, and I’ll update later.

Lily & Dan Girls’ Cozy Boots

Lily & Dan Girls' Cozy Boots

These were $9.99 at the time of publication. I purchased the black boots, but there may have been other colors such as tan available as well. They are made in China and have a faux suede upper and a faux fur inner lining. Because they’re for kids, they slip on easily without buckles, zippers or buttons. They also have a satin-like bow on the back upper portion of each boot for decoration.

They come in blended sizes such as 11/12 or 13/1 or 2/3, and in my experience Aldi’s kids’ shoes tend to run slightly large. The largest size these (and most Aldi kids’ shoes) are available in is a 2/3. Don’t hesitate to have your kids try them on in store to be sure you’re getting the right size.

Lily & Dan Girls' Cozy Boots

The back of the Lily & Dan Girls’ Cozy Boots. It’s not easy to see them, but each boot has a bow on the back. (Click to enlarge.)

My conversation with my 8-year-old in the store went something like this:

Me: “Do you want a pair of these boots?”

Kid: “Eh.”

(Kid tries on boots.)

Kid: “Oooh! Soft!”

From that moment on, my child who loves all things soft and cozy became a fan of these boots.

They pair well with leggings, and she reports they are warm and comfortable. The only downside is that the first couple of times she wore them, they shed small bits of black faux fur, and we were picking up pieces off the floor after she took the boots off. That doesn’t seem to be as bad now that she’s worn them more.

What remains to be seen is how well the boots hold up after more use. I’ll update later.

The Verdict:

The Serra Ladies Suede Boots and Lily & Dan Girls’ Cozy Boots are soft and warm for the winter months, with a cozy inner faux fur lining. They are comfortable and appear to do the job well. I’ll update after they’ve had more wear.

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  1. I want these boots back in the store and able to buy more of them! These Serra Ladies Lambskin boots were the best of this type of boot I have ever had before. Been wearing them nearly every day for a month now. Need another paid in any color I love them so much!

  2. Catherine A. McClarey

    I’m shopping for 2 little girls (ages 3 & 5) for our town’s annual Christmas charity, and the Lily & Dan boots look like just the style they’d like. Hope they come in small enough sizes! (Both need little kids’ sizes, no bigger than a 10.)

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