Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes (Fall 2020)

Last Updated on October 5, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated 10/5/2020 with information on the pink slip-on shoes in addition to the blue bungee-style shoes. 

I have had mixed success with shoes for women from Aldi. Sometimes they’re home runs, as has been the case with fashion boots, hiking boots, garden boots, sandals, and certain walking shoes. Other times, I’ve been somewhat disappointed, as was my experience with some athletic shoes.

But Aldi shoes are so inexpensive that I continue to buy them from time to time in hopes that I’ll find another pair I love.

The most recent women’s shoes to show up on Aldi shelves were some memory foam walking shoes.

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes (product code 56509) cost $11.99 at the time of publication in the fall of 2020.

Like all shoes Aldi sells, these are Aldi Finds (Special Buys), which means they’re only in stores for a short time. Once these walking shoes sell out, they’re gone until the next time Aldi brings walking shoes back, and next time they might be a slightly different design or different colors.

These particular walking shoes come in an ombre pink slip-on style or in a dusky blue bungee style. They differ from some Mary Jane-style ladies memory foam walking shoes Aldi sold a few months earlier for only $9.99 during the summer of 2020.

Here’s more information on the slip-on and bungee-style shoes sold in the fall of 2020:

  • Available in sizes 7–10
  • Includes a memory foam insock
  • Features a breathable upper for all-day wear
  • Made with a flexible phylon outsole
  • Made in China

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes

I bought the bungee-style shoes because I preferred their blue-gray color.

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes

I wear an 8.5 or a 9 in women’s shoes, and I got a 9 in these. They are slightly big for me, especially after wearing them for a day, during which time they naturally squished down and stretched out a bit. I can’t pull the laces tighter, so my feet don’t feel as secure in these.

However, I own a pair of size 8 walking shoes from Aldi that I only wear without socks because the extra padding in the socks makes the shoes too snug. Since I bought these most recent walking shoes in the fall and want to wear them through the winter, I sized up to accommodate for wearing socks.

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes

My initial thoughts are that these walking shoes are comfortable aside from being large, and they look good. They slip on and off easily, but I don’t think I’ll have problems with them falling off.

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes

The outer sole doesn’t have the greatest grip on wood or tile floors, which seems to be a common issue with some Aldi women’s shoes. Based on that and the fact that they’re on the large side, these shoes will be great for times when I need to quickly slip on a pair of shoes to take out the trash or grab the newspaper, or when I just need a pair of shoes to wear when we sit around our backyard fire pit, but for trail hiking I’ll stick with my Aldi hiking boots.

As always, the big question is how these shoes will hold up over time and with additional wear. I’ll revisit this post later with updates.

UPDATE (10/5/2020): 

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes

I bought the other pair of walking shoes — the ombre pink slip-ons — on a return trip to Aldi while the shoes were still in stock.

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes

I got these in a size 8 for my daughter, but I also tried them on. They are a better fit on me than the size 9 shoes, and these size 8s definitely run a bit larger than the size 8 Mary Jane-style memory foam walking shoes I bought over the summer.

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes

The moral of the story is to always try on multiple sizes (it’s okay to try shoes on in the aisle at Aldi; I do it all the time when I’m buying shoes there) because the sizing can vary, even if you’ve bought walking shoes from Aldi before.

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes

The pink shoes are cute and slip on and off easily, but they stay on just fine as well. The foot bed is also as comfortable as the blue bungee-style shoes. Overall, they’re not bad if you need a pair of light-duty slip-on tennies.

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes

The Verdict:

Crane Ladies Memory Foam Walking Shoes sold in the fall of 2020 come in slip-on and bungee styles and are comfortable. They run large, and their outer soles are less grippy than I prefer, but for the price they are decent for walking in the neighborhood or quick trips out. Plus, they look cute. We’ll update later with how the shoes hold up over time.

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  1. Is there any arch support in this shoe?

  2. Linda LaBissoniere

    I bought a pair of pink slip-on in size 7 I really need an 8 Went to 3 stores can’t find them I absolutely LOVE them so comfy where can I get them

    • As this post mentions, the shoes are only at Aldi for a limited time. If your store is sold out of its stock, you can’t get them.

  3. I love these shoes
    So comfortable for work
    Im looking for all black with pull elastic
    I cant buy them anywhere now

  4. Memory foam walking shoes are back at Aldi this week, while supplies last.

  5. I love these shoes, great support and worth buying as many pair as you can. I got 5 pair in every color and every style. 5 years later cant find a better walking shoes. Remember these come out seasonally. Look for new spring promos in their weekly ads. ty

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