Recall Roundup: Little Salad Bar and Mann’s Vegetable Products

Last Updated on November 28, 2018

EDITOR’S NOTE (11/28/18): We have received a lot of traffic to this page because of viral social media sharing about a listeria outbreak related to frozen vegetables from Aldi. This recall happened during the summer of 2018 and only affected grocery stores in the United Kingdom. Frozen vegetables from the United States should be safe. You can read more here

EDITOR’S NOTE (4/22/18): We have gotten a lot of traffic to this page in the wake of the romaine lettuce warnings issued in April 2018. This recall is a different story; you can read more about the romaine lettuce situation here.

UPDATE (10/23/17): This is part of a massive recall of products that includes such brands as Archer Farms, Mann, Signature Farms, and Walmart. It affects products in both the United States and Canada. You can read the entire FDA press release here.

Aldi announced earlier today a recall of a select group of products from certain stores over a possible Listeria contamination. The products are limited to a specific listing of states and products. The full list of those states and products are in the press release below.

Also, in related news, Trader Joe’s today recalled some of its salad products over a Listeria concern. Given the timing, we suspect this is not a coincidence.

In Association with Mann Packing, ALDI Voluntary Recalls Little Salad Bar and Mann’s Vegetable Products from Limited Stores

Batavia, Ill. (October 19, 2017) – In cooperation with Mann Packaging, and out of an abundance of caution, ALDI
has voluntarily recalled select varieties of Little Salad Bar and Mann’s vegetable products due to possible Listeria
monocytogenes contamination.

Upon notification from the supplier, ALDI immediately removed the affected products from its stores.
The potentially affected products, the states in which the products were distributed, UPC codes and best if used by
dates can be found below:

The potentially affected products were also available for purchase to ALDI customers in California through the
company’s partnership with Instacart, a grocery delivery service.

No other ALDI products are affected by this recall.

ALDI takes the safety and integrity of the products it sells seriously. If customers have product affected by this
voluntary recall, they should discard it immediately or return it to their local store for a full refund.
Customers who have questions about this recall may contact Mann Packing at 888-470-2681.
ALDI sincerely regrets any inconvenience and concern this voluntary recall may cause.

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