SOHL Furniture Life Concepts 3 Tier Metal Rolling Cart

Last Updated on October 31, 2021

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aldi sold this cart again in November of 2021 for $29.99. 

I was excited when Aldi’s ad recently showed that a metal rolling cart, similar to a popular cart sold at IKEA, was coming to stores. I checked my local Aldi store on the day the carts were supposed to be available and found nothing. I didn’t see any carts until about three weeks later. Two of them — one white and one teal — sat boxed up near an endcap, with no signage indicating the price. I picked up the teal one. Initially, these carts were $24.99, but mine rang up discounted at $12.50.

I thought I was getting a good deal. I was wrong.

SOHL Furniture Life Concepts 3 Tier Metal Rolling Cart

The SOHL Furniture Life Concepts 3 Tier Metal Rolling Cart, an ALDI Find (Special Buy), measures 17.75 inches by 13.75 inches by 30.75 inches tall. It has three shelves or bins and four wheels for portability. The box claims the “adjustable middle section is easy to move,” but given that it is bolted on just like the bottom and top sections, I’m not sure how that would work.

The box also states this cart is “perfect extra storage in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, home office, or bedroom to adapt to different storage needs.”

The box my cart came in had one flap already opened, but all the pieces were there, so I bought it. I’m not sure if someone else had already purchased and then returned my rolling cart. Knowing what I know now, after my own experience assembling the cart, it’s quite possible someone returned it before me.

SOHL Furniture Life Concepts 3 Tier Metal Rolling Cart

All the pieces, plus the manual, before assembly.

You’ll need a screwdriver with a Phillips head to assemble the cart. It came with a wrench to help with assembly. A manual was included with instructions and illustrations for assembly. In general, the manual was easy to follow, but the middle and top pipes (the pieces on each side that the bins bolt onto) on my cart did not go on quite like the manual illustrated. I also thought some of the bolts were on the short side, and it took some work and some jiggling to fasten some of the corresponding nuts onto the shorter bolts.

What killed it for me was that when I put the four wheels on the bottom of my cart, they were not straight. I double checked to make sure I had screwed the wheels on correctly. It was clear that the holes where the wheels screw on were not set straight on the bottom of the cart’s frame. As a result, all four wheels didn’t touch the floor at the same time, and my cart was not level. It rocked up and down when I pushed on it. When I showed it to my husband, he remarked that the way the holes were drilled was “shoddy workmanship.”

SOHL Furniture Life Concepts 3 Tier Metal Rolling Cart

One of the wheels, screwed into a crooked hole. Three of the four holes were like that, and at different angles. (Click to enlarge.)

SOHL Furniture Life Concepts 3 Tier Metal Rolling Cart

It was only okay if you didn’t touch it or look at it too closely.

Often, in these situations, I’ll contact the manufacturer for help. I couldn’t this time, because there was no phone number or email for after-sales support for this product, and it did not come with a warranty.

Even though I bought the cart half price, I was unhappy enough with it that my husband and I took it apart and packed it back in the box, and I am going to return it to Aldi. I’m not sure if all of the carts are like mine or if I just got a bad one. Even if I were able to find another cart in an Aldi store, I don’t think I would take a chance on it. I was looking forward to having a cheaper IKEA look-alike cart, but that clearly did not happen.

The Verdict:

Aldi’s Special Buy (ALDI Find) SOHL Furniture Life Concepts 3 Tier Metal Rolling Cart looks like a popular IKEA cart and costs less money, but the cart I purchased was a bust. The holes where the cart’s wheels screw in were not drilled straight and, as a result, my cart did not stand level and the wheels did not all make contact with the floor. It’s also notable that there is no warranty and no phone number or email for after-sales support on this cart.

So back to the store it goes.

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  1. Where can I find the three tier rolling cart? Are any still available?

    • There were very few in my local Aldi stores. Once Aldi Special Buys run out, that’s it until possibly around this time next year.

      • Thank you so much for your feedback on the 3-tier metal rolling cart from Aldi. We received one for a secret santa at Christmas and my husband and I found the directions clear, but the side parts were incorrect. We found Aldi’s website on the back of the User Manual and the Sohl Furniture name on the cover so we went on line to try to find a replacement for the side parts. Unfortunately last night I checked to see if we had the parts on the list and as the parts were pre-packaged I just checked to see if we had the correct number of parts. The box went out with the garbage. Now that we have read your blog we know that we can’t return and won’t be able to put together, even with liquid nails to cover where the holes should be on the side pieces. We will use the three bins on a shelf to store painting or other supplies. We have never been to Aldi’s and after this experience have no plans of shopping there in the future.

        • I understand your frustration. This cart is way outside the norm for Aldi in terms of quality. I usually have much better experiences with Aldi products.

    • Aldi has them on occasion but the $4-$5 difference of the Aldi price isnt worth it -I had the same problem w/wheels and when I tried to bend them straight I snapped a wheel off -Had to JB Weld to reattach it on straight -But then found the side pipe holes are not lined up evenly -So when I went to FIX that issue the tiny screw snapped off -So now I will be going to the Hardware store for repair pcs. -this cheap cart is driving me crazy w/its crooked parts!!!

  2. I just bout 3 of these carts on January 4, 2019. they were 9.99 each and I couldn’t believe the value and I had a lot of ideas for these carts. I put them all together. Every one of them has the same problem as yours. I contacted Aldi to see if they have replacement base parts because they are the only one listed in the box. I added 2 washers to the castor with the bad screw hole and that leveled the cart but that castor doesn’t roll as it should because it’s slanted. I haven’t heard back from Aldi yet about the cart. I don’t want to have to take them apart. I decided to Google the cart today to see if anyone had posted anything about the cart when I found this blog post. If I had paid full price I really would have been upselt enough to take everyone apart at take them all back. I’m glad you made this post. I wish I would have googled it before I purchased them. I just was so excited for a deal.

  3. Unfortunately, I purchased the cart too, but for full price. Mine didn’t come with the proper middle pipes(the side supports). Instead I got double of the top pipes. Of course I can’t find my receipt, because why would I keep a groceries receipt? I also thought I’d just be able to get a replacement part but alas, no contact info for the manufacturer. So bummed. I’m going to try to contact Aldi as well. 😔

  4. Man! That sucks. I think the bars are the same of her than the end caps. You may be able to remove the end caps and connect then that way.

  5. I purchased my cart at Adi’s in December ($14.99) but just put it together last night and it is awesome! I am not the type to look at directions and assembly but I did it all on my own (patting my back). I did not have any of the problems others encountered. I wish there were more available because I only bought one.

  6. I purchased this cart for $24.99 😕 in December 2018 and just went to put it together this week (Jan 15, 2019). After opening the box and starting to assemble it, I realized I had 3 middle bars and only 1 top bar so it is impossible to put the top shelf on because the holes do not match. The box is also missing one of the brackets. I had hoped to find manufacturer information for replacement parts too but was disappointed that there was no contact info. I did email Aldi and they apologized and told me to return the product to the store manager for a refund. However, I don’t have my receipt from December so I will only be able to get a gift card for the current price of the cart.

  7. I just purchased this cart for $14.99 and it was the last one in the teal color. The only other one was black and it also was the last of that color. I just started putting it together, only to realize I am missing 1 freakin’ nut to attach the last tray! So infuriating and I can’t leave the house to see if I can find a replacement at Home Depot/Lowes as snow/ice storm going on! I might just go ahead and put the rollers on to see if mine will have the same problem as yours. I emailed Aldi too but it looks like the other commenters have yet to hear back from the company. So much for trying to save some money. I guess I’ll just return this (if I don’t get the replacement nut) and get a real Raskog at my local Ikea.

  8. Lewellyn Ippolitto

    I just bought this for full price, July 2019. Same problem, wheels hit the floor at different heights so it wobbles. This seems to be a recurring problem yet they didn’t fix it.

    • That’s disappointing. I saw that they had returned to stores this month and was wondering if they had fixed the problem. I guess not! Thanks for sharing.

      • I purchased one a couple of weeks ago, and have zero issues with it. It went together perfectly, it’s level, my only problem is that my toddler lost one of the nuts. Hahaha kids are FUN. I’m on the hunt for a spare nut so I can finish the top tier. But yeah, absolutely no complaints about this at all. 🙂

  9. Aritha Alexander

    I purchased one recently and have been having a hard time putting it together because the holes drilled for the screws are not big enough for the screw to fit. I’m returning mine later today.

  10. I purchased a white cart and I agree that at first it seems at though the parts do not fit together properly or as if the bolts are not long enough, however once all parts have been attached and tightened at the end, I feel the design is intentional so that everything fits together tightly. I feel like there is possibly a secret to the wheel placement that I haven’t figured out but the cart rolls as it is supposed to and sits level. I am happy with my purchase. I feel it is a better quality cart than the other nearly identical cart that I just purchased at a popular craft store.

  11. Same issue here. The nuts welded to the frame that the wheels are screwed into are not tack welded straight. That is the reason for the captors being crooked. In my opinion, that is the biggest issue with this cart. Otherwise it is what would be expected for the price. I’ve put two together and both had 3 of the 4 nuts off kilter when they welded them. The way its built would pretty much guarantee that they will not be square. Since they only have to last a year or so for college students, good enough for me.

  12. I bought a cart just recently early this morning , and to anyone that thinks the 5 dollars you are saving are a good deal , it’s not , splurge for an ikea rolling cart because this one isn’t it . Not only were the holes not drilled correctly to Aline with the holes on the poles that you insert into them , but the other holes on top were drilled unevenly at different heights for the trays to be attached to , my cart looked like a ridiculous crooked mess , I returned it . Someone before me for sure returned it also because the box was ripped already . Aldi’s finds are always great but this particular item is the exception .

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